Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where is everyone................?

yesterday at this time the place was full of q's and a's

what happened today?

I gave you a star because your a Man United supporter!

[Good] on [You].

I dunno its easter isnt it,probably out enjoying there holidays,and yesterday there was football matches to talk about and look forward too but there isnt much footie until saturday so not unil tommorow will there be the buzz you get pre matches.

I've been out since this morning and going off out after dinner so hope it livens up from now until then.

The kids are still in bed.

The others have aching brains from yesterday, so are having

a break.

I have no brain, so I don't need the rest period.

yesterday Champions League

Today UEFA Cup

This Says all

They wacthed the liverpool and after seing their team lose like that they went to go crawl undr a rock.

I am a Man U supporter no biggy we tied we didnt lose at home.

When matches on this place is full, today you've only got the ufea cup games.

because Liverpool lost, everyone wanted that, there is nothing to talk about today

because Champions league

Bayern vs Barcelona

Liverpool vs chelsea

I'm here. Nyehehehe.

well im a villa fan and still trying to avoid everyone ...been crushed now for weeks

Liverpool got humped...

dR bad

they are all crying?/div>

zanha was rite

only manc city playing tonight

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