Thursday, April 9, 2009

Any tips on being a better?


Any tips on getting better??!

Don't watch Liverpool.

Greetings bro (every V!A is a bro, not just a member else).

Pay attention on everyones position, so you can intercept assists from your opponents or avoid hitting your teammates searching a ball. If you have played basketball, you know that you have to be in the middle of two different opponents in order to can steal. Its similar.

Try to see always the ball, because if you care of your opponents feet, youll be cheated. Work in your elasticity, and how far can you get to the ball. Speed is important.

Write me so i can help a little more.

Don't watch Man United.

Chelsea put 3 past Liverpool, Liverpool put 4 Past United.

thats just a fact to the 1st answer.

My biggest tip on being a better goal keeper is just don't let the ball cross the white line.

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