Thursday, April 2, 2009


I'm going to a NASCAR race and was told that i should show up at about 9am and the race begins at 2:16pm. Opening ceremonies at 12:30pm.

So from 9am-12:30pm i was told i can look through merchandising and the manufacturers area.

So my questions are.

What is the manufactures area? Where can i find it?

Where can i find the merchandising places?

And will i be able to watch NASCAR Raceday right before the race LIVE at the speed stage? if so, then where do i go?

Btw the race is at dover if that helps.

Answers would be helpful please :)

In Dover, NASCAR has all the merchandise trailers between turns 4 and 1. Also right next to this in turn 4 is the sponsor area. The speed stage is set up near turn four as well. Try getting there as early as you can because traffic gets to be a mess the later you go. Have a great time.

manufactures area? they are scatted all over. i believe toyota has it's own booth with the Craftsman tool stand. unknown where the others are.

merchandising places?

there's like hundreds of them. they are also scattered all over. drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Sr. stuff is closer to the grandstands then any other drivers. they put Dale Jr. and Sr. merchandise closer to the stands to get fans to buy from nearby stands in the process. ( i read something like this in Nascar Illustrated)

you're going to Dover? have fun there. calamity corner is between turns 2 and 3. what a race it'll be when you go there.

at Chicagoland right out side the main gate is the FAn Zone

at right next to fan Zone is about 100 or so semi trailers full of team gear

and you wont miss the SpeedZone area it in the Fan Zone

Go to the web site of the track your going to, they will have all the information and there phone number..If you dont find what your looking for call them...

Check your e-mail :) But Mike the DJ got everything you need to know.

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