Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is it true that these Jokes were played in NASCAR for April Fools Day?

10. Jeff Burton called Michael McDowell and invited him to dinner.

9. Dale Earnhardt, Jr., with the help from a computer geek friend, manipulates the Most Popular Driver poll for the day to show Kyle Busch has a runaway lead. He then gives Kyle an anonymous phone call.

8. Darrell Waltrip is told he is to receive the Sports Broadcaster of the Year Award.

7. Travis Kvapil opens a envelope that says You May Already Be a Winner on the front with high anticipation.

6. Roush Fenway Racing receives a COD package (delivered by someone suspiciously resembling Dale Jarrett) from MWR. Contents include a sway bar from a %26#039;78 Ford F-150, and a handwritten note saying; %26quot;Sorry for the mix-up!%26quot;

5. Joseph Enterprises, Inc (makers of the chia pet) announce a new model; Tony Stewart lying in a prone position. Spread the chia seeds on Tony%26#039;s back and watch em grow!

4. Martin Truex, Jr. calls Little E bragging about a new contract he just signed with Teresa that gives him 51% of DEI.

3. Ingrid calls Jeff from the offices of Brooke%26#039;s lawyer, knowing it will come up on the caller ID, just to ask him how his day is going.

2. Brian France calls Shane Hmiel (who?) and tells him the sanctioning body is willing to give him one more chance.

1. GQ announces that, with the editorial staff terribly torn between Brian France and Kyle Busch. Nationwide driver Steve Wallace will grace next months cover. The deciding factor ..Steve%26#039;s haircut!

obviously fake

no..they were made up last year as the funniest nascar jokes to be hypothetically played..but not really played. i think it was from that frontstrech of what is the funniest jokes you could play, that would be funny if they were really played. like if someone put a bunny (me!) in tony%26#039;s car and I hopped on his helmet during a race...

Sounds made up to me. Almost sounds like a David Letterman list. We would have heard about it last year...the broadcasters love to talk about the pranks that drivers pull on each other.

LOL - Teresa gives Truex 51% of DEI

2. A guy in either the Busch or Truck league who got busted for drugs a few years back.

LOL...............those are good

**Gerber calls the #18 camp and says that they want to put %26quot;Cry-le%26quot; on the baby food jars!

If any of them ever happened I am sure we would have all known about it by now! That%26#039;s great though.

#9, #4 %26amp; #3 were my fav%26#039;s. Thanks!


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