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How to watch Golf PGA matches live online?

How to watch Golf PGA matches live online?
Well, you can go

Download and install Satellite TV software on your PC, you could watch Golf PGA matches and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Speed, ESPN, TNT, BBC, Sky, CCTV, CW, Local ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

Hope it

Are there any companies that offer low-cost MotorCycle Insurance?

I am looking to insure a 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R

Progressive and Geico have kicked out $~650/yr quotes... that is way too high for a $4000 bike.
Try this site

Here you can compare quotes from different companies
Its always down to personal details, age, experience, where you live etc.

But put plainly No. Nobody does cheap motorcycle insurance.
Try this site

Here you can compare quotes from different companies

How to watch TNA and WWE wrestling live online?

How to watch TNA and WWE wrestling live online?
Well, you can go

Download and install Satellite TV software on your PC, you could watch TNA and WWE wrestling and thousands of worldwide TV channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Speed, ESPN, TNT, BBC, Sky, CCTV, CW, Local ... live online legally, comfortably and in good quality.

Hope it

What is a DW wedge because i

i know there are lots of different types of wedges but ive never heard of a DW wegde.Can someone tell me what it stands for and what distance and situations it is supposed to be used in.
Back in the day in many

Is there a golf club that is a cross between a putter and a wedge?

i have heard of a golf club that is a cross between a putter and a wedge and it is used for shots that you want to bump on from the fringe of the green. If there is such a club what is it called.
What you

Yet another club buying Titus Bramble ............?

Sunderland have done a deal with Wigan for him !

Is he a Jedi or something ??

How does he convince these managers that he

Liverpool signing joe cole ,are you happy now ?

joe cole is a good player . win-win deal
old news brah..where have you been?

with bin laden?

Whats more likely to happen this season?

1) Liverpool regain a top four place!

2) Cesc puts in a transfer request to get his move!

3) We get back to Banter and stop all the conflict!!

Thoughts please
aftrenoon mate....i reckon the reds will get back in the top 4 so il go number 1
bendtner scoring a brace against man u
4) joe cole playing more than 20 mins of football
4) Man City get another average player for 30M... LOL
4) Wiggy will grow hair and i will lose weight - both are not going to happen
United get our trophy back

As a libero you cant serve...but can a DS serve?

Actually the Libero can serve but its dependent on the level you are playing. Some Junior Olympic events allow the Libero to serve and that can vary region to region and event to event. Some states now allow the Libero to serve at the high school level. All college volleyball allows the Libero to serve.

To answer your question, yes the DS can serve.

Who else thinks that edge and y2j are going to turn on cena at summerslam?( BQ)( very important matter plz )?

I think they will bail on cena and his partners what do u think?

BQ: Or if not do u think they r turning face?

BQ2: Do u think big zeke jackson will return?and do u think daniel bryan will re-sign with wwe?

BQ3: Some guy in the ask section says that there is a chance that wwe owns tna and wwe is

Is the reason Barca are after Cesc so that Peps transfer policy is not?

Signed 3 flops

Keireson.....14 mil and a mega flop loaned out and no one wanted him.

Chyganometry......25 mil and sold at a massive loss.

Ibra 65 mil and apart from making him wear a bill board saying for sale Barca have made it clear he is after one season what a flop.

So will Vilal and Cesc prove successful or will they go the way of Peps other

Will it be 2 gd out of 3 or 5 for 5 in the flop signings?

FQ Can Barca afford another big wage?

QQ Is the Special one so terrifying that you have to spend what you dont have to compete with him?

QQQ Is the pressure on Barca and Pep as if thehy win nothing will Pep have a job come next season?
Why should I bother to answer my OWN question..

you are dR BAd (just like everyone else is)... ain

Camping without a tent?

want to go camping in New Forest, but don

What do you think of these michael cole botches?
lol Triple H

Who held the WWE Hardcore Championship the most?

Hint- A former ECW superstar
Raven had 26 reigns as hardcore champion.

For most combined days it was Steve Blackman though. (172 days combining his all 6 regins).

Single longest title reign - Big Boss man (97 days) Oct 12 99 to Jan 17 2000.

Edit: wow so are you justin

Should i keep playing hockey ?

i have become very bored with hockey and at times i hate the stress and work. i am thinking about quiting but the problem is that i love my dad so much but he lives for me to watch my hockey and its a goodthing to put on my college transcript, so i am confused whether to continue or quit
yes you should continue to play hockey!!! hockey is great for college applications, gives you amazing agility and hand eye coordination and gets you active and healthy. If you are getting bored of hockey, maybe try playing in a different league in a higher level, play for a traveling team or maybe just try a different position. if you hate the stress of hockey just think, dealing with the stress now will improve your skills of dealing with stress in later life. hope this helps!!!!!!
no problem :)

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What do you think of the new Hearts strip?

What I mean is breaking with tradition and not being their usual basic maroon shirt with white shorts? Apparently their fans are up in arms about it.

How would you feel about your team changing their traditional style?
if it was celtic? i wouldnt mind them trying something different with the away or 3rd kit but in my opinion the home kit should remain the same. i can see why some jambos are up in arms about it. when you think of hearts u instantly think of the all maroon top lol
i like the home kit

away one doesnt shout hearts at me though

looks like a killie top
Hearts supporters moan about everything but they are a bit like monkeys throw them a banana and they are happy again last season they started to get upset with Romanov so he sacked laz brought back the saviour Jim Jeffries leaving the hearts fans jumping with joy they got their banana but didn

Question about Lakers vs. Celtics?

Over the past three years, which team is better? I know the Lakers have won the last 2 but when the Celtics are healthy, i HIGHLY doubt that LA could beat them in a playoff series. Just look at 2008. Celtics only needed 6 games to dispose of the Lakers, and in the 6th game, the Celtics won by like 39, i believe. The next year, KG is injured, and the Celtics almost beat the Magic and i doubt if they had, they wouldnt have beat the Lakers. This past season, they meet in the Finals again. Kendrick Perkins goes down with an injury in game 6. The Lakers need 7 games to beat the Celtics, and win by ONLY 4 points. Given these facts, which team is better (on paper)?
In 2008, the Lakers didn

How do I tell a coach that I want to play Quarterback?

The coaches know that I want to try out for quarterback, but they keep putting me at different positions.Such as Wr and Db. How do I tell them that I really want reps as quarterback when we are doing 7 on 7 scrim. I played as Wr and Db just because im not going to say no to a coach. I wanna be known as multi talented and prepared to play any position. But again my 1st main goal is to play Quarterback because I can throw.
I went through the same thing bro, what i did and i reccomend u do is go up to him and ask, when i did the coach said no or some bullcrap lie and i pointed at him and poked my index finger into his sternum and said

Could this be the proof that the Phantom Owen really Exists?

I have managed to obtain film of 3 Urban Myths which of these convinces you that they actually exist?

1) Bigfoot

2) Nessie

3) The Phantom owen

I know one looks fake but the three have been authenticated as genuine

Which has you convinced?
I was lmfao reading the comments under the Nessie video,that

Finding bamboo for rod making?

I am wanting to start building bamboo fly rods. I can find the tools, but I

Another reason Michael Cole sucks?

Last night on NXT, Michael Cole once again started singing the praises of the Miz. He called him


who ever gets it right first il choose as best answer =P
LITA was hotter (Trish just had her ****.)
Trish is hotter.
Trish because Lita was a s!ut who caused too much real life drama backstage.


who ever gets the same answer as me first , il give best answer
Right now RAW, but SD when The Undertaker returns.
Necro Butcher

I used to be a wrestling fan. Before it became PG. Now it just sucks.?

mells like.... decomposing cat
watch tna
Just dumb that they put a kid rated show on at an adult time slot. Might as well just go back to Saturday mornings.
Wrestling isn

Why do some many people like TNgAy?

noone buys there PPVs, noone watches there shows, and its full of has beens,

---its a wwe / ecw / wcw retirment home!!

someone PLEASE tell me, if jeff hardy, RVD, Sting etc, werent in TNA any1 would watch it!?
Well people like it b/c they are not as much in the pg era as wwe but u r rite on 1 thing if jeff hardy hulk hogan rvd ric flair sting if those people weren

What punch technique is most effective?


Wow!! French football stars Ribery and Benzema hiring underaged hookers?


Opinions on the Devils and Kovalchinks contract?

Nixed by NHL
First of all you spelt kolvachuk wrong.

Second, it

Pro Wrestling Diet Info Please?

Hi, in September I will be returning to pro wrestling training. I wanna start taking it seriously as I hope to get in to the WWE one day. This means acting the part, and looking the part. Can anyone give me a diet plan (meal by meal) so i can start getting the right foods in me. I will pick Best Answer myself.

How do build enough confidence to actually shoot the ball or drive?

i shoot but only when wide open drive when i see a lane but thats it
Get a coach or good player to show you a set of triple threat moves. Be sure to get low (knees bent, hips low) in order to do the moves quickly enough to get by a defender. Also, make sure your shooting form is correct. You cannot be a confident shooter without proper form.
Have someone stand in front of you with their hands up and practice shooting the ball. This will help you get confidence to shoot over people. When driving you need to have the mind frame to just take it hard to the hole. Most likely if you do that u will draw a foul. Its mental just go at it.
Drive hard into a couple guys and if they go down that should build your confidence.
take chances, that the only way youll get better, you cant be scared all of your life.
just go and shoot like no one is there
use ball fakes and change your speeds
more practice

How do to a reverse???????

i need a reverse in diving... but im afraid to hit my head. any suggestions on how to do one.. and how to avoid hitting ur head?

Bicycle Fork 101 Question?


My suspension fork is 26

The New Hit Hockey Reality TV Show: Coach Swap...?

During this off-season, the Blue Jackets named Scott Arneil their new head coach. Arneil had been the head coach of the Manitoba Moose (of the AHL) for the past 4 seasons. Arneil replaced Claude Noel, who had been running the team on an interim basis since February. The Manitoba Moose then went out and guessed it, Claude Noel as Arneil

Has mickleson overtaken woods in the golf world rankings?

Has Phil Mickelson became world no 1 ahead of Tiger Woods
No, Tiger is still #1. Phil has had a chance for about 5 or 6 tournaments to pass him, but he hasn

How to play 5 on 5 and average 10 points a game?

1 on 1 easy 2 on 2 easy but 5 on 5 too many people in the lane so any tips on when to pass/ drive /and shoot its easier when man on man but sometimes they play 2-3 zone
Try and i mean TRY because its sorta difficult but if you can drive the lane and kick it out you could benefeit your team but for points it depends on your position
when you shoot the basketball, make sure it goes in the basket.
Develop a jump shot by practicing.
Have your team play fast and if your teammates aren

Why does Jordan compare Wade and Bosh to Magic and Larry?

Lebron joining those two players are not the same thing. Most people would agree that Lebron is better than those especially Bosh. Also Wade and Bosh probably would not be top 10-15 players of all time so its foolish to compare them to Magic and Larry who are top 5 players of all time.
I believe that MJ was just referring to Larry and Magic being 2 of the best players during his time and Wade and Bosh are arguably some of the best players. I do get your point Though, good thought.
he wasnt saying all three of them would have joined, he was comparing james and wade to magic and bird. The heat wont beat the lakers because of a thing called team chemistry. The heat wont play as a team because each player cares about himself and how he is perceived.
Magic and Larry were in the top ten players of their generation.

Wade and Bosh are in the top ten players of their generation.

Same comparison, different generation.
wade is comparable.
Bosh being compared to Magic and Larry is a joke....I

Is Aramis Ramirez worth a pick up?

Oh hell yeah he

Why is Lebron criticized for not winning a ring when Jordan did not win until 28?

The great Michael Jordan did not win his first ring until 28. Also don

Does running tone in you do it often?

i run a half an hour to an hour 5 days a week. does it tone and build muscle? and i heard it does more than just your legs. is that true?
Yeahhh. It tone your legs, arms, abs a little.. probably even back muscles, and it strengthens your heart too.
this depends are you trying to run fast each day then yes you are getting toned but if you run the same paste every day then no. When you run your cardiovascular system is working and anything that works your cardiovascular tones your abs.
Running in my book is the perfect exercise to get a toned body.
Running tones your legs, your buttocks and somewhat your mid section, but not your upper body. I would recommend to add some light weight training and abs exercise.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How does skateboarding on a dirt road work out?


Who else is really happy that?

George Steinbrenner... aka Mr. Douchebag finally bit it?
Not funny!!
how does it feel to go through life being a hater.
I was never a fan but wishing someone dead is just sick. Also no matter what he did from a baseball perspective, it was all really unimportant compared to what he did as a humanitarian, which was far greater than his baseball accomplishments.
That ball

Where can i find the video of LeBron, Wade and Bosh?

Having their first threesome together? I heard it

When someone says

I mean this should be automatic.
Obviously the Yankees.
Mutts, and Roid Sux.

ASSHOLE! I can see the jealousy in your eyes.
The Bronx Bombers
Yankees come to mind when I hear

Question about Tiger at the British Open?

How many hookers did he fly in for the tournament?
I heard he brought 3 this year.
your a loser......
its funny how people joke about an athlete when all he

Remington pump 870 20 gauge?

will this gun using 2 3/4

Rated Y2J or Rated RKO?

BQ: ShoMiz or JeriShow
Rated-RKO only because they lasted longer

BQ: JeriShow i was let down at first of Big Show being the mystery partner but then became a great and dominant tag team
Rated RKO.

BQ: JeriShow. At least that team had talent.
Rated RKO

BQ: Showmiz.
Rated RKO
Rated RKO because Y2J didnt last long enough

BQ:ShoMiz lost to Hart Dynasty(SAD) and JeriShow lost to DX(GOOD)

so JeriShow
RatedRKO because they won the Tag Team gold for a long time and had avery entertaining feud with DX.

BQ: JeriShow by miles because they were just a brilliant team and I think they should reunite soon, if Big Show ever turns heel again.
Rated RKO

Rated R.K.O

BQ: JeriHo sucks but it is still Jerishow
Rated RKO are the best tag team in history, as they were the only ones to demolish a DX in all directions, if they came to conquer the unified no pair was capable of taking them off.

Jerishow since among them there are very few weak points, including the devastating power of the Big Show and agility of Jericho. Shomiz unlike that left him all the work the Big Show, causing the fall of these.
Rated RKO

BQ: JeriShow (sick theme song)
Rated y2j was never there name, the rko name only worked because of the r in rated r, edge isnt the rater y superstar

and chris jericho isnt y2j, y2j left in 2008 ish now hes just chris jericho, not y2j

but enough of my ranting :D

jericho and edge would have been better if they lasted longer

BQ jerishow


Really, 16 titles? And people like Ricky Steamboat have only had 1. At least when Steamboat returned at WM 25 and Backlash 09 he did moves he never did before in his whole career, while Flair

Who is the Greatest Wrestler of All-time?

BQ: Shawn Michaels or Triple H


David Von Erich (1958-84) Cause of Death: Ruptured Intestine

Kerry Von Erich (1960-93) Cause of Death: Suicide

Mike Von Erich (1964-87) Cause of Death: Suicide

Chris Von Erich (1969-91) Cause of Death: Suicide

Do you think HBK has good mic skills?



Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 25 and 26.
WM 25. None of his other matches were really that good, in fact in the early 90s WMs, they were just squash matches.
The Undertakers best match is WM 25.Nobody expected this to be a match of the year which brought more shock value into it.And since the past nobody kicked out of the first tombstone which was better to the match.
Wrestlemania 25: Undertaker vs HBK

I think it was the best Wrestlemania match ever.
If your asking me what I think Undertaker

Who won the World Cup?

Paul predicted Spain
Unfortunately, Spain did.

I was gunning for The Oranje.

Oh, and Thomas Muller for Germany won the Golden Boot.
Hey yo what

Best Soccer movie of all time?

in your opinion
escape to victory.

there ARE no other footy films.

Stone Cold is more popular than he deserves to be?

I understand that he had injuries which contributed to his bad wrestling skills, but he still isn

Who is the greatest WWE wrestler ever?

Some choices... Hulk hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Undertaker, Triple H, Shawn Michaels,

Ric Flair, John Cena, Bret Hart, Roddy Piper, Jeff Hardy...many more that i cant think of right now
As far as popularizing the WWE, it would be Hogan for what he did from 1984-1990. As far as technical wrestling ability goes, I would say Bret Hart (they didn

If you coudl sleep witha Footballer who would it be?

Abbie Prosser..

won`t you so her too..

Emma Byrne look like a good MILF
Natasha Kai

Heather Mitts
Hmm she is my age, do you think i have a shot? lol

Actually knowing that your girlfriend or wife is better at football than you, i couldn

What sport is played in the World Cup?

are u trying to be funny ?
The Best sport ever duh where have you been you were born yesterday weren

Which Western conference team has benefited the most from this off-season?

Jazz - Added Al Jefferson

Mavericks - Tyson Chandler

Nuggets - Al Harrington

Suns - Added Hedo Turkoglu, Josh Childress

Warriors - Added David Lee
None. The Western Conference is worse than it was.
Probably the Mavs or the Nuggets. The Jazz replaced Boozer with Jefferson (ho-hum), the Suns replaced Amare with Hedo (blah), and the Warriors weren


It really pis*es me off.
I know it looks bad on TV, but trust me when I tell you that when you do it at a live event, it

What is the thing on Nadels racket on the face? What is it used for?

There is a little circle thing on tennis racket face attached to the strings
It is called a shock absorber. It lessens the vibrations created upon impact between the ball and racket. Makes it easier on the arm. However, many players dislike them as it can take away some of the feel of the racket.
Ya that

Where can I buy butter, online?

I need some fine quality butter for my toast, and I have had trouble with finding a online store that sells butter. Are there any specific online stores that sell butter? If so, I would like you to post the links to them here.

Thank you.
what charlie tuna said

Why did WWE Create What?

So the fans could say something to annoy the heels while they were talking
It was Stone Cold

What are people saying that Chis Bosh isn

Chris Bosh isn

Randy Orton isn

How can you like him? He has like 6 moves (European uppercut, inverted backbreaker, headlock of boredom, rko, the punt, and the rope hung ddt), and for some reason no one complains about it. He also doesn


Before answering take a look @ this video:

Chis Bosh w/ 40pts/18rbs vs Dwight Howard

Who will be the starting catcher for the NL all stars for the next ten years?

Hint: His name rhymes with the words Schmuster Schmosey.
Brycer Harpsterey?

Or maybe ring around the roses, pocket full of posies?
And if he was in the ASG last nite, he would have been in the lineup - while A-Rod sat and sat.

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B. Mac!
buster posey
Buster Bosey has shown that he can live up to his potential. I can easily see him being on all star teams for years to come.
or it could rhyme with ryan mickeyanne

This IS the Greatest wrestling match ever?

If you watch that video all the way through, i promise you will almost be inclined to agree.

BQ: Do you agree this is probably the greatest technical wrestling match ever?

BQ: If you think it isn

Why do Americns here sometimes say the game of Football is not given attention at the USA?

MLS games are always sold out, i don`t get the point..36,000 went to wacth Seatle take Dallas...

its weird
first of all only some teams sell out teams like Seattle, Philly (my team :), Houston, LA sometimes toronto the rest have awful attendance.

The answer lies with the fact that MLS gets no coverage their for we have no one to talk to about football or soccer.

Why are people getting their panties in a bunch over the NL Winning or AL Losing because...?

the chances of your team actually going to the World Series is slim...chill out you freaks!
because most people support the AL and they

Thank you for choosing the NHL for your employment..?

Earlier, out of sheer boredom, I was reading the employee handbook for my place of employment. One of the sections say (and I

How to learn wrestling (grapple-style)?

I just found out a few minutes ago that the middle school I

What team does the pitcher who took the loss play for in last night


Is last night proof any tool can manage the Yankees or what?


So could Tom Brady be the next Leborn James in 2011?

Well Tom Brady has one more year in his deal with the Pats but Brady has been taking less money because sign players like Moss Welker. But the Pats got rid of players Thomas Sammuel and many others. So I never think Brady could do this but I felt the same about Leborn but I think since a lot players left town or went to Espn or NBC and the team is getting young I think Brady should do like his hero Joe Cool left 49ers for different reasons but Brady goes to the NFC and plays for Vikes Eagles or other team be shock the pats would die without Brady so what do you think Thanks
if Brady leaves he won

Did anyone else catch this during Lebron

I can

Your Top 5 WWE Divas?

Your top five WWE Divas.

Mine are:


2.Michelle McCool

3.Beth Phoenix


5.Kelly Kelly

2.Michelle McCool


4.Kelly Kelly

5.Rosa Mendes
1-Gail Kim

2-Beth Phoenix

3-Kelly Kelly

4-Eve Torres

1. Natalya

2. Eve Torres

3. Gail Kim

4. Melina

5. Maryse

Fun Sports