Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why does Jordan compare Wade and Bosh to Magic and Larry?

Lebron joining those two players are not the same thing. Most people would agree that Lebron is better than those especially Bosh. Also Wade and Bosh probably would not be top 10-15 players of all time so its foolish to compare them to Magic and Larry who are top 5 players of all time.
I believe that MJ was just referring to Larry and Magic being 2 of the best players during his time and Wade and Bosh are arguably some of the best players. I do get your point Though, good thought.
he wasnt saying all three of them would have joined, he was comparing james and wade to magic and bird. The heat wont beat the lakers because of a thing called team chemistry. The heat wont play as a team because each player cares about himself and how he is perceived.
Magic and Larry were in the top ten players of their generation.

Wade and Bosh are in the top ten players of their generation.

Same comparison, different generation.
wade is comparable.
Bosh being compared to Magic and Larry is a joke....I

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