Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is the reason Barca are after Cesc so that Peps transfer policy is not?

Signed 3 flops

Keireson.....14 mil and a mega flop loaned out and no one wanted him.

Chyganometry......25 mil and sold at a massive loss.

Ibra 65 mil and apart from making him wear a bill board saying for sale Barca have made it clear he is after one season what a flop.

So will Vilal and Cesc prove successful or will they go the way of Peps other

Will it be 2 gd out of 3 or 5 for 5 in the flop signings?

FQ Can Barca afford another big wage?

QQ Is the Special one so terrifying that you have to spend what you dont have to compete with him?

QQQ Is the pressure on Barca and Pep as if thehy win nothing will Pep have a job come next season?
Why should I bother to answer my OWN question..

you are dR BAd (just like everyone else is)... ain

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