Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rated Y2J or Rated RKO?

BQ: ShoMiz or JeriShow
Rated-RKO only because they lasted longer

BQ: JeriShow i was let down at first of Big Show being the mystery partner but then became a great and dominant tag team
Rated RKO.

BQ: JeriShow. At least that team had talent.
Rated RKO

BQ: Showmiz.
Rated RKO
Rated RKO because Y2J didnt last long enough

BQ:ShoMiz lost to Hart Dynasty(SAD) and JeriShow lost to DX(GOOD)

so JeriShow
RatedRKO because they won the Tag Team gold for a long time and had avery entertaining feud with DX.

BQ: JeriShow by miles because they were just a brilliant team and I think they should reunite soon, if Big Show ever turns heel again.
Rated RKO

Rated R.K.O

BQ: JeriHo sucks but it is still Jerishow
Rated RKO are the best tag team in history, as they were the only ones to demolish a DX in all directions, if they came to conquer the unified no pair was capable of taking them off.

Jerishow since among them there are very few weak points, including the devastating power of the Big Show and agility of Jericho. Shomiz unlike that left him all the work the Big Show, causing the fall of these.
Rated RKO

BQ: JeriShow (sick theme song)
Rated y2j was never there name, the rko name only worked because of the r in rated r, edge isnt the rater y superstar

and chris jericho isnt y2j, y2j left in 2008 ish now hes just chris jericho, not y2j

but enough of my ranting :D

jericho and edge would have been better if they lasted longer

BQ jerishow

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