Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Question about Lakers vs. Celtics?

Over the past three years, which team is better? I know the Lakers have won the last 2 but when the Celtics are healthy, i HIGHLY doubt that LA could beat them in a playoff series. Just look at 2008. Celtics only needed 6 games to dispose of the Lakers, and in the 6th game, the Celtics won by like 39, i believe. The next year, KG is injured, and the Celtics almost beat the Magic and i doubt if they had, they wouldnt have beat the Lakers. This past season, they meet in the Finals again. Kendrick Perkins goes down with an injury in game 6. The Lakers need 7 games to beat the Celtics, and win by ONLY 4 points. Given these facts, which team is better (on paper)?
In 2008, the Lakers didn

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