Thursday, April 9, 2009


thats not a problem admiring a good player

in a manutd player and i admire many chelsea players such as terry essien lampard and j cole.


EDIT: Im a fan of casillas and raul... And im a die hard barcelona fan...

What's wrong with liking other team players?

I support Watford, yet I still like players like Ronaldo.

nothing wrong with liking greatness.

2 wrods

"oh dear"

don't worry they taking a liking to you too.

Take two of these and see me in the morning



Was Peter Bonetti the greatest goalkeeper Chelsea ever had?

all i know about him is that he was **** against w.germany in the finals of the world cup where england lost thanks largely to him




i don't support chelsea so i don't some of the matches but i do not think he was i think cech is!

Was he bollox. Even Dave Beasant was better than him.

no it's peter cech.

It makes me laugh, Utd fans post questions about Liverpools loss and reply with?

Well...we beat you 4-1, what a pathetic comeback, as a nuetral regarding these 2 clubs, why can't Liverpool fans take defeat without dragging up babyish answers like that?

Well done Chelsea, regardsless of what any Liverpool fans say, you out classed, outplayed and beat them comfortably on their own patch.

OQ - Was Gerrard playing?

Granted, it's not all of you :-)

Neutral? Please!! You are anti-Liverpool as they get!

Try and learn not to be so biased.

OQ.. Rose tinted glasses to strong eh? Of course he was playing because 11 men have to be on the pitch apart from if someone gets red-carded.

No. Idiot. Man United fans have being saying 3-1 is such a bad result and they are using it to cover up whats happened to them in recent games. I have accepted defeat on the night but in 2 matches its not over.


LFC Fan: Yeah and?

United Fan: We didnt lose, We are world cup champions!

LFC Fan: More reason for you to be embarrassed that LFC beat you 4-1 at your own ground then.

Yeah I know its sad isn't' it and loads of them are talking about beating Chelsea because of... HISTORY. I mean what the hell??? How can you count on what happened in the 80s as a way of winning a better side in the FUTURE? They live in the past, so they beat us, its about time isn't it? Once the beat us they thought they would get the Premiership and European Cup, they got too big for their boots and now they are suffering, a but like we did but we are getting their now. I mean Manchester City were the only team to beat us twice last year. What did they get? Nothing... I think its time they all took it that at the moment they are in trouble in all areas.

i agree

and i rather get beat by liverpool 10 nil if it meant we won the league still...

i really dont think rafa will win the champions league again with liverpool unless he buys some quality players who can get goals from all over the pitch

or at least from set plays

instead of just relying on gerrard...

and i think it could be a united v barca final or barca v arsenal final

well i couldn't watch the game but congrats chelsea anyway. i'm so sad.. ho would they lose at Anfield? were they really that bad? oh nad sorry man u fans for laughing when you lost 4-1 to us. it seems that we're in the same situation now but we still have a slight chance

@ Nnenna.. didn't she say 'BOTH' clubs..?

... and is she any more biased than EK.. or Bloosboy ..?

dR bad

she only said that (both) to appease the 'you hate liverpool crowd'..who are always accusing her too ?br>

she knows its mainly you lot really

9 out of 10 liverpool fans took the defeat it is just pathetic the responce we got for being decent and gracious in defeat we cant do right for doing right

I find it sad that both sets of fans hae to taunt one another. some of the things they say to no another on here is childish.

maybe there be more equilibrium now without those lot bragging how fantastic they are sorry were

i heard his name mentioned


yes weldone to chelsea and good luck hamburg tonight :)

When will Rafael Benitez realise that zonal marking at corners doesn

Their having a really good season, but this has been their undoing. A running man will always beat a standing man.

Only reason Rafa got new contract is becuase there isnt anyone better.

But still totally useless :)

Zonal marking does work if the players do it correctly - it works better than man to man.

It is only people who don't understand it - like Andy Gray - who say it doesn't. Who don't sky et all focus on the billions of times every week that rubbish man to man marking results in goals conceded rather than the FEW times that the zonal system goes wrong.

Liverpool are just unlucky that it tends to happen in high profile games.

Zonal is far better - that's why all the top teams use it.

I agree in a way, but it has worked almost all season and its just it did not work last night. Our markers errors were the reason for Ivanovics goals, not the Zonal marking system.

Using zonal marking a couple of seasons back, conceded precisely 0 goals from corners. The only real problem with zonal is that when it does go wrong, it looks worse than when man-marking goes wrong.


Im going to start chanting that at Home games, Hopefully Rafa will either sort it out or just get sacked and we can get a real manager.

But it's not been a problem until now and the seasons almost over, has everyone just noticed


Paul Scholes - should this be his last season?

Paul Scholes in my opinion looks just a complete shadow of the player he once was, but its understandable, its 10 years now since the 1999 treble when he was fantastic.

Nowadays he is so slow, he still can't tackle, he doesn't seem to be a goal threat any more, I have seen him have so many poor games this season, I just don't think he is good enough for a team like United any more. I think he could be good at a mid table premiership team like Bolton or Fulham still, but I don't know if he will want to do that.

Do you think he should hang his boots up at the end of the season?

He was a fantastic player in hia day, the best English player since Gazza but he is getting on now. In theory he should be able to go on as his game is in his head and not based on pace and power but he seems to have lost a bit. I think he should have one more season as a squad player and then call it quits in summer 2010.

Italian guy - Giggs is only one year older than Scholes, They are both in their mid 30s, so no, he won't have a "late 30s" resurgence.

paul scholes is a utd legend and him leaving them would be like maldini leaving milan (ie, not happening) they'll still give him another year on for sentimentality, and maybe he'll have a late-30s resurgence like giggs has right now

in my opinion, he's not that bad.

yes he has bad days like every other player does. but he still has alot to offer united.

He should have left a couple years ago. Yes, he's a great player and stuff - but he can't always be great. He's now slowly degrading

pathetic to see an old hasbeen running around in circles with average players making a fool of him.ferguson should have sold him 2 years ago.

hes getting old and needs to retire soon

Who would have thought it out of 4 only 1 team looks like getting through to the semis.?

Go on the City.

FQ-What score do you lot predict for tonights match.

I will go for 0-2

is this supposed to be another 4-1 joke? lol

Overrated Premiership.

FQ 2-2.

manchester city will either win 2-1, or lose 2-1, just like every other game they've played this year

We did well against Schalke earlier in the season. It will be a tough game but I'll go for a City win, 1-2.

2-1 to Man City.

Ok why is there so much bullshit with liverpool losing?

Ya i now its a very big shock for liverpool to lose against chelsea out of all teams haha. but it has to happen to all teams at sometime like look at Man u, Chelsea and Arsenal they have all lost more then 3-1 in the past and it happens to them more than ones unlike liverpool were i think this is our first lost like that in long long time, were it has happen to all the other top premiership teams every few weeks. Like i put to ye liverpool will not get a trashing like that again in 5 years or so i put money on it :)

It's trendy to have a go at liverpool fans. Pathetic people follow crowds

Firstly Man Utd loss to liverpool was the heaviest defeat we have suffered for 40 odd years and we rarely loose that heavy so saying every few weeks is wrong but then we will let u off because ur a scouse. Secondly its the champions league and u were at home so that's kind of bad. Thirdly liverpool have been dare i say it playing well recently and as soon as you were loosing 3-1 u looked crap and so it good damage you're confidence and so you play poorly in the premier league. that's why it is such a big deal.

Let me explain why. Arsenal don't claim they're the best team in the world after going through a good victory. Liverpool fans went crazy after beating Real Madrid and Man UTD saying they're the ebst team in the world and how they'll win the EPL and the Champs League. All that talk is right up your bums now after Chelsea played you around like a hooker.

it's the quarter final of the champs league and liverpool were at home. all this on top of blistering current form and a couple of weeks of scouse bragging. cfc totally owned them last night and you dont often see that.

Liverpool are a special club & like it or not, every footy fan has them in their hearts. It's not often that a team is lucky enough to beat us by 3, so good luck to blackburn for the 'revenge' match!!

Not really a big shock they losing, they are now concentrating the league title, that's why they played so badly, with champions league gone, i see them winning the league title this year.

Basically since LIverpool fans are the most annoying/deluded people in the world people love it when they get brought back down to earth.

Shock Loss???

Pure skill and determination. If your so annoyed by it, it will pass away in a few days.

your an idiot

how can you ask that when your screen name is bullshit?


It's not a shock at all. You all claimed you were the best side in Europe and everyobody "feared" you after you beat a Real Madrd side whose defence was woeful and an underperforming Utd Side. The truth of the matter is nobody fears Liverpool.

Liverpool just aren't a great side. Their position in the Ptremiership reinforces how overrated the league is.

Chelsea will win at Stamford Bridge too, they will pick Liverpool off on the counter attack as they search for a goal to get them back in the tie.


"every footy fan has them in their hearts"

More Scouse delusion.

Keep thumbs downing me Scousers.

And keep living in this fairytale land where you will score 3 goals at SB without conceding. Even if you win 3-1 you will lose in Extra Time.

Glory hunters? I'm a Rangers fan from Glasgow. Liverppool are much better than us, and I would never support them, no matter how bad we are. Where do you live? London? Fool.

Aye mate, I know that your whole country is full of glory hunting faggots, no need to remind me.

And Celtic are as big scum as Rangers, both sides are bad for bigotry, but it's your despicable country which fuels it (North and South)

"It's trendy to have a go at liverpool fans. Pathetic people follow crowds"

The only people following a crowd are your clubs fans when the media tells you that Gerrard has been the best player in the world this season.

People hate you because you're not that great, not because they're envious of anything you have. If that were true, why would people admire Barca,, a much superior side?

Please think before typing.

Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi?

Whos better, why? Ronaldo here.

I agree, Ronaldo is better. He's a better dribbler, a better free kick taker, a better crosser/passer, and a better goalscorer, and has more power, better accuracy, and more ball control.

No wonder FIFA named him World Player of the Year and he won the Ballon d'Or (both awarded this year).

Messi is better. Faster at dribbling, scores more, and a team player. None one is at his level this year, especially when Messi has 32 goals in all competitions and he's the Champions League leading scorer. Ronaldo has the trophies but Messi is better this year and if not now then later thsi year and he will win the Ballon D'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year 2009.

@buffman: One man team? Have you heard of Xavi, Eto'o, Henry, Puyol, Iniesta, and Dani Alves?

Messi Is better his a one men Team If he doesnt play Barcaelona doesnt do that good but jhe really makes a diffrent I say in a couple of years he could become better then Maradona

I think Lionel Messi is the best because he is the best scorer and as well as he is a very fast footballer.



messi by miles

What happened to the endless banter on Liverpool...?

has it come to think of it...all of them managed to take it all in quite easily :) Well done Liverpool fans

Rafa ate it.

Liverpool have FANS who will stand by them win or lose.

Only GLORY HUNTERS can't handle a loss.

But GLORY HUNTERS only support 1 team and we all know who that is.

Still banter going on, we took it on the chin, done now. Onto Blackburn Rovers now.

are ye havin a laugh a few bad results and all ye talk about is how **** they are

Yeah I think we showed people were not all people claim us to be lol It won't have ended yet dr bad will be back later.

I don't think they ALL took it that well... but anyway .. it's not over (see my latest questions..) and that's the bottom line...


because Stone Cold Bad ..said so?/div>

There getting thmselves ready for the BB game


what do you think of the score will be in the secend leg?

have chelsea got a chance?

what did you think of the game?

chelsea 2 liverpool 1

no they dont have a chance because barcelona is going to beat them in the next round

the game was great

The score will be 2-1 Chelsea.

They got a real chance of beating Liverpool. If they do, it'll change the Champions League in England (instead of Liverpool winning against Chelsea, Chelsea will be the favorite).

After Chelsea's stellar performance at Anfield and getting 3 away goals, I think they'll win this one.

I won't rule out Pool as we all know that they have that ability to recover from difficult situations. Unfortunately I have this feeling that they will force it into a draw (4-4 agg.) and knock Chelsea out in either the extra time or penalty shoot-out. And Chelsea are not good at penalties.

Liverpool is going to step it up. im calling a 2-0 win away at the bridge for Pool. Although right now that aggregate is killin them. The boys played horribly in the 1st leg. That was not the Pool team that fans know them to be...and we will not see that same result come the second leg!

Of course chelsea have a clear chance, 3 goals away from home. Liverpool would have to win by 2 goals to at least secure extra time. That just wont happen at stamford bridge.

It'll be 1-0 Chelsea.

Barcelona will win the champions league.

I think that chelsea is going to take it easy and only allow the Liverpool to score one goal since they do have a good lead over liverpool.

2-1 to chelsea with liverpool scoring first though

although chelsea are clear favourites i have a gut feeling liverpool are just going to come out and destroy them next week. 3-0 come on you reds dont give up hope!!

1-0 liverpool

Second Leg Chelsea 2-4 Liverpool

Liverpool will pull off another Miracle

chelsea will win 2-0 (but i'll be supporting liverpool)

I think Liverpool will have a good go but won't be good enough to go through. 2-0 to Liverpool.

2-1 Chelski

chelsea to run riot 19-0 altough torres might get one so 19-1


Where is everyone................?

yesterday at this time the place was full of q's and a's

what happened today?

I gave you a star because your a Man United supporter!

[Good] on [You].

I dunno its easter isnt it,probably out enjoying there holidays,and yesterday there was football matches to talk about and look forward too but there isnt much footie until saturday so not unil tommorow will there be the buzz you get pre matches.

I've been out since this morning and going off out after dinner so hope it livens up from now until then.

The kids are still in bed.

The others have aching brains from yesterday, so are having

a break.

I have no brain, so I don't need the rest period.

yesterday Champions League

Today UEFA Cup

This Says all

They wacthed the liverpool and after seing their team lose like that they went to go crawl undr a rock.

I am a Man U supporter no biggy we tied we didnt lose at home.

When matches on this place is full, today you've only got the ufea cup games.

because Liverpool lost, everyone wanted that, there is nothing to talk about today

because Champions league

Bayern vs Barcelona

Liverpool vs chelsea

I'm here. Nyehehehe.

well im a villa fan and still trying to avoid everyone ...been crushed now for weeks

Liverpool got humped...

dR bad

they are all crying?/div>

zanha was rite

only manc city playing tonight

Who is your favourite football player?


First of all, whoever said Tom Brady needs to know that American Football is completely inferior to real football.

For real football/soccer

Cristiano Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney; together they are a great pair and carry Manchester United to their first place position in the EPL.

I also like Messi and Ronaldinho.

American players: Freddy Adu, Landon Donovan, Carlos Bocanegra.


Antonelo Juliano Roberto-Juca

Cristiano Ronaldo


Vai Sikahema

Christiano ronaldo

hands down it's Cristiano Ronaldo


Tom Brady.

Who is your favourite basketballl player?

kobe and m jordan

I think it's safe to say most people will say M Jordan! I even liked Dr J (J Erving) also!

Allen Iverson. He was my hero when I was younger. He has the best crossover dribble and hits every shot from the elbow of the court.

Lakovic and Navarro :)

M. Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird

John Stockton
Note that I'll give you a TD if you say Torres.

Now write your opinion freely.

Rooney by a country mile, no question about it

wow what a threat...


give as many as u like.

Torres, if he wasn't injured all the time, he'd be the 3rd deadliest striker in the Premiership...after Craig Bellemy and Robinho (yes, im a city fan :P)

I personally prefer rooney. if he scores a little bit more goals generally then he is the whole package.

Messi or Ronaldo? Exactly.

Torrress :)

This is the worst decision i've ever had to make!!!

signed, a life-long Evertonian!



Can I get a rain? Please. One isnt enough.



no idea


you're better than both..? ;)

I honestly dont care about the TD but I would pick Rooney.

If you were professional what teams would u want to play for?

youth club:bristol city

bristol city (first team)(2 goals)

tottenham (loan)(0 goals

tottenham(permanent) for 8 seasons(12 goals)

liverpool for half a season because ive been not very good (0 goals)

tottenham return(9 goals)

and btw im a defencive midfielder

Tottenham 8 years 12 goals. I'm a defender.

when i played for dagenham and redbridge academy we used to smash millwall,west ham but we could never beat arsenal youth they are the best. Chelsea are easy they play a bunch of football icon people which are way below the standard. You should try and go to tottenham as they have a very very good youth setup or maybe arsenal but i doubt it. I played against wilsher when he was 15 best player i have witnessed

brentford 2 seasons

QPR 1 season

Arsenal 1/2 season, then on loan to West Brom

return loan to Arsenal for 4 seasons, (67 goals)

Big Money transfer to Barcelona

Barcelona 3 years then retirement (26 goals)

I'm an Attacking Midfielder, can also play Centre Forward.

westham ( start career)

man utd ( one season )

ac milan ( loan )

athletico madrid ( one season )

ENGLAND! ( my whole career )

ARSENAL!! ( rest of my career )

exactly the same as shearer. loyalty through and through. howay the lads black and white till i die.

Chelsea United FC

Manchester United or Barcelona....surely that was obvious?

I am a Liverpool fan so surely i will want to play for Liverpool fc.

The best team on Merseyside , Everton.

man u youth (come up through ranks)

ajax (loan)

man u (end of career)

left winger

West Ham through my whole career. :D

Can Guam qualify to play in the FIFA World Cup?

if so, how do they do it?

Guam is a member of FIFA, and a member of the Asian Federation, so, yes, they are eligible to participate in the World Cup. However, they didn't qualify to get into the fianl stages of Asian qualifying this time, so they've been eliminated from going to the World Cup in 2010. Maybe 2014.

Stefy thinks so. Me thinks not. :P

Sure, they just have to buy the game. The company is EA.

World Cup 2014 Here comes Guam!!!

Im 13 nearly 14 and play soccer, im gifted but need to work on my fitness, what shall i do to become fitter?

i play centre mid, so if you could give me ideas or a regime that would be greatt :)!

Swimming is good but not very accessible.

For a CM, running is the most important part. Practice running up and down about 50 yards (about half a football pitch) and do 5 at one time.

Then take a break - maybe 1/2 minutes - drink some Lucozade... then do it again.

Key to a great CM:

1) Stamina

2) Accurate passing

3) Closing down

Go on a 1-4 mile run. Then run one mile doing 60% sprint for 30 seconds, 30 second rest. 70% for 25 seconds, 30 second rest. 80% for 20 seconds, 30/35 second rest. 90% for 20 seconds, 35/40 second rest. Finish out the mile and then cool down. Then work on your core strength doing sit ups and push ups. Do this on your off days (no practice) but leave a day or two per week for rest. (If you practice 5 times a week you might not have time to do stuff outside of practice but once).

Good luck

We used to do cross country runs and sprint work 3 times a week .Cross country gives you fitness and sprints give you speed if you can combine that it will help you some and it all depends how dedicated you are .Good luck and happy training.

its simple just

try swimming. it can help your vascular system.

or taekwondo for your muscle.




Have you ever come close to giving up on your team altogether?

Nope, we may get bad results sometimes but then you also get amazing results and these are great memories for you to look back on :)

No, because true fans support their team through thick and thin. Sure, results don't always go your way, but that's no reason to give on them, I'm sure there are many memories for you to think back upon.

No never. Have been a Liverpool fan since I was 6 yo. And the 90's weren't great! But through the good times and the bad, I'll always be a Red. YNWA...

Never , once an Evertonian always an Evertonian.

Not at all, I've been disappointed at my team but I'll stick with them through thick and thin

I agree with Cumbrian Traveller, once a blue always a blue!

never,once a gooner forever a gooner

Not at all. You go so frustrated with them but never give up on them.

absolutely not, my fave american football team is the cincinnati bengals for chrissakes!

Nope never..

I have always supported them through the bad times.


no never love um win,lose or draw :)

Do man utd fans make it hard not to be a

Goes round in circles to be honest with you Dan, everyone's guilty of the continuation of it all..... this is how it goes>

Man Utd fans win silverware> we gloat> you guys get p1ssed off and say we're arrogant> Utd lose or draw> you make fun> Liverpool lose or draw> we get our own back> you guys say we are annoying etc> we say we are not> we win> we celebrate> Liverpool win? you celebrate> we say we are better> you say you are better> blah blah blah blah....lmfao

I'm not an ABU, I'm an OTTIS - only the team I support. But if you're top of the pile, expect digs. I know the internet wasn't about in the eighties, but I was an army brat, so you'd get supporters of teams all over the UK, their wasn't the hatred for Liverpool or the fans that their is now for Man United - though mostly the fans. I've posted a few questions that were 'humourous' digs at Man United fans/players, 2/3rd's have ended up with me getting a violation - no sense of humour some of these, and I will say this with the required vitriolic venom, MANC fans.

They like to dish banter out, but don't like taking it Fulham, whoops, I mean full on....

As a supporter of neither team I think you've both given each other as good as you got in the last 2 days regarding Champions League results.

When it doesn't go too far, it's good banter and that's what football rivalry's all about. I've no problem with some good banter.

However I saw a couple of postings today regarding both the Hillsborough and Munich disasters, and those people should be ashamed of themselves

Some Man Utd fans even care what you think...?br>

anyway...I wish all fans were as sensible and as non-hypocritical as Sylvester...

..but then again.. you do have a LOT of young fans..?br>

dR bad

don't you remember the 41 41 41 posts going on for a week..? (funny now you guys went on forever ... although you never saw me moaning about it...

but after just 2 hours last night you lot started crying

not really, their team does.

its really much harder not to be ABL unless you were a liverpool fan from before, clearly evidenced as to how many were happier to see chelsea win yesterday than to see man utd lose 2 in a row

It seems to burn the Liverpool fans more for some reason though, we already have one ranting about everyone should get off Liverpool's back even while we still have Liverpool fans who are still going on about 4-1, almost a month...

If you support any other team than United, you are an ABU

That means there are 91 teams in England that have ABU's.

And that's just counting the English leagues!

Yeah they do, once you start to think they're alright someone comes out with some stupid comment/gloating/boasting.

I think the manutd fans are alright on here.

I'm not sure what an ABU is, but United & Liverpool fans are by far the most annoying. Moaning, whining, petty, fickle sets of arsehats. They both have great teams, good football, and they're never happy, or smugly gloating.

In summary. Arsehats.

Few things that Man U have over chelsea and Liver poo

Man u dont have cry baby Terry

Man U dont have cry baby Rafa

Man U are not in 2nd place or 3rd place :)

ha liverpool got done 3-1 last night and your still trying to slag other teams off ...

Any tips on being a better?


Any tips on getting better??!

Don't watch Liverpool.

Greetings bro (every V!A is a bro, not just a member else).

Pay attention on everyones position, so you can intercept assists from your opponents or avoid hitting your teammates searching a ball. If you have played basketball, you know that you have to be in the middle of two different opponents in order to can steal. Its similar.

Try to see always the ball, because if you care of your opponents feet, youll be cheated. Work in your elasticity, and how far can you get to the ball. Speed is important.

Write me so i can help a little more.

Don't watch Man United.

Chelsea put 3 past Liverpool, Liverpool put 4 Past United.

thats just a fact to the 1st answer.

My biggest tip on being a better goal keeper is just don't let the ball cross the white line.

Do you agree with me that Lucas is a disgrace for Liverpool?

Lucas is perhaps the worst player Liverpool ever has.. He can't defense, he can't pass, he can't dribble.. in fact he can't play football..

I saw the whole game and he messed up a lot. I don't know why Rafa let him play on the field....anyway, He's Brazilian and can't even pass a on him....

Man, I'm a Chelsea fan, but you gotta say, if he can't defend, pass or dribble why would he be playing for a top team?

If he can't play football why is he playing football??

He may not be coping well at Liverpool, and would be better at another club- most likely Italian league or something.

Yeah I agree with you. I'm sure Liverpool can field a much better player than Lucas out there. Mascherano should have played even if he was tired from international duty.

The one thing that Lucas has is that he is young and that he will improve.

I never heard of him before yest. but yea I saw 2 of his kicks and they were absolutely horrible...the first one when he was trying to go for goal which probably went roof height and the 2nd one which was completely mistimed.

the first answer is just going beyond banter, why disrespect a team that has won so much.

Luca is garbage, Rafa needs to stop rotating

No but i agree Liverpool is a disgrace to football.

He is just a moron. He needs to either learn or be sold.

It's not just him, most of liverpool's squad are rubbish

Maybe not, but he can kick people.

So was it all his fault?

Babes, are you going to be happy if you wake up and find ....?

your boobs' size increases 2 times your original size.

wow that would really suck for dolly parton

Nah. I wouldnt.

I'm very comfortable with what I have.

ehh u called me a babe, i dont get down like that....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

What is wrong with David Ragan this year?

Last year he ended strong and everyone thought he would be a competitor including me, but he hasn't done anything at all! I have him on my fantasy and he isn't helping much! So what do you think is the problem?

I think it's 2 things: One, he doesn't run very well at the tracks on the circuit until we get to around Richmond.

Two, he's just not that good. The reason he missed the Chase last year was because he became so content with Top 20's and didn't get Top 5's and Top 10's. I don't think he'll make the Chase this year, either. Everyone in NASCAR, especially a lot of fans and all the broadcasters, are so easily impressed. Ragan doesn't impress me.

Unlike most fans, I can tell when someone will have success, at least during the time people think they will. I didn't expect Logano, Speed, Carmichael or Ragan to do well this year. Everyone else seemed to. And that comes from one thing: SPEED. SPEED broadcasters are so incredibly mushy it sickens me. They give props to drivers barely inside the Top 35. I don't care how bad the team is, you don't give a pat on the back to a 33rd place driver.

Example: David Gilliland. "David Gilliland is the cinderella story of 2009. He has taken a startup team and put it inside the Top 35 in 33rd."

WTF? 33rd? THAT's not good!

It's not just David, it's the whole Roush camp. All five teams are struggling just to finish races on the lead lap. Jamie finished 10th yesterday, and he was the best Ford out of all of them. Carl is having some problems, although his tire going down wasn't his fault, he made incidental contact with another car, Matt hasn't been right since he won Fontana, and David is just struggling. I don't know what is going on, but I hope they fix it soon. I'd really like to see Ragan around in the 6 car for many years to come, and to be a contender this year. I bet Jack is working on fining a solution right now.

In NASCAR, as with many things in life, he who has the most money wins.. Ford is going broke.. The first thing Ford does in this type of situation is to cut expenses.. Jack Roush would have to do the same.. If GM, and Dodge do the same, Toyota will be the only ones out there going fast.. Unless Roger Penske decides to use his own money (I think he already has).. Or maybe he'll just buy Toyota.. lol

Joe F, David is in his third full season I believe, so he'd be in his Junior season, I think.

Ever since Fontana the Roush-Fenway camp has had a bit of a struggle. I think they'll be back on top of their game come Texas, though.

They need to get to the 1.5 tracks and then they should rally and come back from the disappointing start.

When I mean "they", I also mean his teammates too.

sophomore jinks

If the diffuser appeal is overturned?

Does that mean that actually Lewser Hamilton wins the race?

That would be the logical conclusion of the appeal being upheld. A great way for F1 to shoot itself in the foot again.

I expect common sense to prevail and all the teams to have the Brawn/Williams/Toyota type of diffuser before mid-season, because the design isn't actually illegal.

if it is overturned, then yh Lewis would get the win but im hoping and quite strongly think that they will overturn the decision on penalising Trulli. this is cos theres now footage on youtube that Lewis overtook Trulli during the safety car first and so Trulli had the right to retake his position.

but im also hoping that these diffusers are deemed legal otherwise three teems (Williams, Brawn GP and Toyota) are gonna be nowhere, not to mention Toyota will probly quit F1 this year if they do not get a win.

How could you contemplate such a thing.

The diffuser is said to be legal so I don't know on what basis they will think of to disallow it.

Something tells me (after ther Trulli, Hamilton, Vettal and Kubica episodes) that the stewards et all are going to be real 'jobsworths' 'sticklers this season.

errr...yeah...most probably yes...hope that doesn't happen...though he drove good...I dnt knw why but my conscience says not to support him...

Is nascar 09 a good game?

I have it for Xbox 360. It can be a very good game depending on what you're looking for, or it can just be kind of so-so. The actual racing is great and if you set the difficulty settings high enough it's pretty realistic. It has a fairly steep learning curve. It lacks a lot of polish and options though. Though the Nationwide and Truck series are in the game, they're pretty much afterthoughts. It's not a big deal to me since I don't really care that much about racing in them anyway, but a lot of fans don't like that. EA probably should have made that better though.

So it depends. If you're looking for a game that has very good racing action and don't worry about a lot of bells and whistles, it's a good game. If you're looking for a game that really simulates the whole NASCAR experience in career mode or something like that it'll probably let you down a little bit.

i have it for ps2 and it was kind of a dissapointment.nascar racing season 2003 for pc by papyrus is the best nascar game ever made,you can download the new cars for cup, truck and nationwide series on the web.

yea it is great game


Can you guess the former drivers?

True story:

A former driver gave the son of another former driver dynamite for his 9th birthday.

The boy was igniting it one day while his parents weren't home and had planned on throwing the TNT out the window, but when he saw his parents coming up the driveway..he threw it into the toilet of the guest bathroom thinking the water would extinguish the flame.

It didn't.

Instead he ended up destroying the bathroom.

Anyone know who the two former drivers are?

Sterling Marlin and Rusty Wallace?

Didn't he also throw it under a van?

The kid was Steven Wallace. I cannot remember exactly whether it was Kenny or Mike who gave it to him.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! thanks for reminding me about Steven, Mike and Rusty Wallace!!!

Is it true that these Jokes were played in NASCAR for April Fools Day?

10. Jeff Burton called Michael McDowell and invited him to dinner.

9. Dale Earnhardt, Jr., with the help from a computer geek friend, manipulates the Most Popular Driver poll for the day to show Kyle Busch has a runaway lead. He then gives Kyle an anonymous phone call.

8. Darrell Waltrip is told he is to receive the Sports Broadcaster of the Year Award.

7. Travis Kvapil opens a envelope that says You May Already Be a Winner on the front with high anticipation.

6. Roush Fenway Racing receives a COD package (delivered by someone suspiciously resembling Dale Jarrett) from MWR. Contents include a sway bar from a %26#039;78 Ford F-150, and a handwritten note saying; %26quot;Sorry for the mix-up!%26quot;

5. Joseph Enterprises, Inc (makers of the chia pet) announce a new model; Tony Stewart lying in a prone position. Spread the chia seeds on Tony%26#039;s back and watch em grow!

4. Martin Truex, Jr. calls Little E bragging about a new contract he just signed with Teresa that gives him 51% of DEI.

3. Ingrid calls Jeff from the offices of Brooke%26#039;s lawyer, knowing it will come up on the caller ID, just to ask him how his day is going.

2. Brian France calls Shane Hmiel (who?) and tells him the sanctioning body is willing to give him one more chance.

1. GQ announces that, with the editorial staff terribly torn between Brian France and Kyle Busch. Nationwide driver Steve Wallace will grace next months cover. The deciding factor ..Steve%26#039;s haircut!

obviously fake

no..they were made up last year as the funniest nascar jokes to be hypothetically played..but not really played. i think it was from that frontstrech of what is the funniest jokes you could play, that would be funny if they were really played. like if someone put a bunny (me!) in tony%26#039;s car and I hopped on his helmet during a race...

Sounds made up to me. Almost sounds like a David Letterman list. We would have heard about it last year...the broadcasters love to talk about the pranks that drivers pull on each other.

LOL - Teresa gives Truex 51% of DEI

2. A guy in either the Busch or Truck league who got busted for drugs a few years back.

LOL...............those are good

**Gerber calls the #18 camp and says that they want to put %26quot;Cry-le%26quot; on the baby food jars!

If any of them ever happened I am sure we would have all known about it by now! That%26#039;s great though.

#9, #4 %26amp; #3 were my fav%26#039;s. Thanks!


Whats wrong with martin truex jr?

he has above average equipment at egr and also he is in a contract year

hello somebody tell him a contract year is when your supposed to do your best so you can options the following year

Truex just isn't that good of a driver. I started to say I never have understood what DEI saw in him but then I looked at some of the other drivers they've hired (Michael Waltrip, Steve Park, Aric Almirola, etc.) and suddenly Truex looks like a great driver.

I really think its the equipment at this time. Its early in the season, I see Martin and Juan Pablo getting some good finishes this yr. I think both of these guys will do better as the season goes on. But I do think Juan Pablo is going to have a better season. I think Truex Jr only has 1 yr on his contract, for sure if he doesn't get decent finishes or a win or two, I say he's gonna bail after this season.

Go Dale Jr & Hms

I believe that Martin Truex Jr. has a lack of equipment necessary to perform at the highest level he can. However, I would not say that switching to a powerhouse team like Hendrick or Roush would make him into a championship contender. Like his former teammate Dale Jr. there is an obvious lacking of a certain key element that can take both of them from fighting for top ten finishes to championship form.

I honestly think Truex is going to make the chase.

He's had bad luck at Daytona, Las Vegas, and Martinsville.

All while on the lead lap (And he recovered well at Daytona)

I think EGR needs to get the merger sorted out a little better before they can run better. I look for them to be up to speed by Dover (the first Dover). And I think they've got to shut the 8 car down. Last year Ganassi improved hugely after eliminating the 40 car. Streamlining resources can only be good for EGR.

I expect both cars to be in the top 10 at Dover all day (Almirola will be gone by then).

He needs to switch teams. I can guarantee if he was on a team like RCR or JGR he would get better finishes. Let's face it. Chip Ganassi Racing and DEI had to merge because they didn't have enough money. This is not a team he should be racing for. I don't know why you think someone's last year with a team will be his best. I mean look at recent years. Dale Jr. didn't have a good year with his last year at DEI in 2007. Casey Mears didn't do well either in his last year with Hendrick Motorsports in 2008. So what makes you think Martin Truex Jr. will have his best year this year?

I wouldn't expect anyone from DEI just to fall in and be successful at any other organization. DEI was a mess and destroyed a lot of driver's, crew chief's, and team member's self esteem and confidence. He needs another team. If RCR would pick him up he would be fine. I was wondering the same thing about 10 minutes ago until I read this question. He needs to bail now and let it be known he's available.

I have often wondered lately if he's just not that good. A lot of guys win a ton of Nationwide races then amount to nothing when they get to Cup. I don't know. I thought he'd be a force to be reckoned with. Even when he's in a stout car he just drops like a rock. Just saying.

Nothing. Other than passing a kidney stone one night and running a full race the next day. Finished well, too, if I remember right.

Hello. When I can do that, I'll tell Mr. Truex about his contractual obligations.

Let's take a look at EGR... Montoya and Truex are the two highest in points, 14th and 28th. It's the equipment, not the driver.

I've been wondering the same thing. I thought 08 was just a bad season and he'd get right back on the horse and at least threaten for the Chase. So far he's been even worse than last year.

hes not to far behind him and reed i noticed are like 20 or so points from 17 so if they both have top 5 days they could get in the top 15 easily.

GO REED SORENSON 43!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



He had some bad luck last weekend, seemed like he was a target

Agree with Ice, and maybe Truex has some ideas too...


I'm going to a NASCAR race and was told that i should show up at about 9am and the race begins at 2:16pm. Opening ceremonies at 12:30pm.

So from 9am-12:30pm i was told i can look through merchandising and the manufacturers area.

So my questions are.

What is the manufactures area? Where can i find it?

Where can i find the merchandising places?

And will i be able to watch NASCAR Raceday right before the race LIVE at the speed stage? if so, then where do i go?

Btw the race is at dover if that helps.

Answers would be helpful please :)

In Dover, NASCAR has all the merchandise trailers between turns 4 and 1. Also right next to this in turn 4 is the sponsor area. The speed stage is set up near turn four as well. Try getting there as early as you can because traffic gets to be a mess the later you go. Have a great time.

manufactures area? they are scatted all over. i believe toyota has it's own booth with the Craftsman tool stand. unknown where the others are.

merchandising places?

there's like hundreds of them. they are also scattered all over. drivers like Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Sr. stuff is closer to the grandstands then any other drivers. they put Dale Jr. and Sr. merchandise closer to the stands to get fans to buy from nearby stands in the process. ( i read something like this in Nascar Illustrated)

you're going to Dover? have fun there. calamity corner is between turns 2 and 3. what a race it'll be when you go there.

at Chicagoland right out side the main gate is the FAn Zone

at right next to fan Zone is about 100 or so semi trailers full of team gear

and you wont miss the SpeedZone area it in the Fan Zone

Go to the web site of the track your going to, they will have all the information and there phone number..If you dont find what your looking for call them...

Check your e-mail :) But Mike the DJ got everything you need to know.

I was at a funeral the morning of the kroger 250, nascar truck race, and i forgot to record it. does anyone?

know if it will be replayed sometime this week. thanks guys. and gals!

I heard you can catch the part where Kyle runs off the track like a little baby on the "Track and Field" network.................LOLOLOL

I will try and find it for you and let you know............

Mike The DJ is right; no re-runs..............Hopefully somebody taped it and can hook u up.

As of now speed channel has no plans to rerun the race. Sorry.

SPEED will not replay it.

So are all the glory hunting Hamilton Fans from last season?

Going to be hypocrites and follow Button if he starts winning all the time??

Now remember, you will be hypocrites from 2 points of view, just remember who Brawn is and how much you all "hated" Ferrari last season.

OQ - Was Kubica an all round tube or could it not have been helped?

I've never supported Hamilton and never will, British or not.

I've supported Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, David Coulthard and Jenson Button along with Felipe Massa, Eddie Irvine and Rubens Barrichello as drivers i wanted to see do well.

Hamilton is way too cocky for me to get behind.

F1 isn't like football Linzi, it doesn't HAVE gloryhunters, it isn't that kind of sport. Are those who support Andy Murray in tennis gloryhunters? Jenson and Brawn GP deserved that victory after years of being in the doldrums with Honda and for Ross Brawn to try and salvage what was left of the team, that was reward for all his hard work.

I don't think any F1 fan expects Brawn GP or Button to suddenly win the title, but we would LIKE to see them win it.

I didn't hate Ferrari last season, or in any other season. However, I did hate the pillocks who were slagging off Hamilton, just because he had the arrogance to compete with a Ferrari driver for the title, and even had the temerity to win.

I also hated the prats who slandered Glock at the Brazilian GP.

I think you will find that there will be alot of people wanting to see Button do well this season, aswell as Hamilton, because they're British.

There is nothing hypocritical in supporting the teams and drivers from your own country. If this season pans out as a straight fight between Brawn GP and Mclaren, Button and Hamilton. I'd prefer to see Brawn and Button win, given the circumstances behind Brawn GP, that would be a fairytale.

But I certainly wouldn't begrudge it Hamilton and Mclaren either.

Button has deserved a good car that could give him a crack at the F1 title for a long time, he is the most under rated and over looked driver on the grid. Frank Williams was mad for replacing him with JP Montoya.

Yes Kubica was an all round tube, Vettel had nowhere to go and Kubica carved him up.

On past form, I think you may be onto something.

It would be ironic if his support does fade, as this may turn out to be Hamilton's best season so far as a driver if he rises to the challenge of having a poor car - decent results in this McLaren would be worth a lot more than winning in the 2007 & 2008 cars.

As to Kubica, yes it was more his fault than Vettel's, but it wasn't worth either of them getting any extra punishment for. Retiring from the race was punishment enough for a racing accident.

Favouring either JB or LH is not what I will be watching F1 for. They are 2 drivers who can consistently outperform their cars. I look forward to seeing them both at the front all season.

Tracks will be better for one or the other because they have very different driving styles, in fact almost opposites. LH attacks corners with the back often hanging out, JB seems to smoothly bend his car round corners.

You could be seeing a repeat of the Kubica/Vettel incident - but with LH and JB substituted. The K/V incident didn't look to me like anyones fault, neither of them seemed to have anywhere to go.

For me it's just a matter of one or thee other winning because their both Brits so it doesn't matter which one wins a race just as long as it's one of them winning. and seeing the Union flag flying up there at the end of a race.

As for Brawn i've never hated him why should I. he's a winning and that's always a good thing in such a sport. As for Kubica well i sure he was aware that he was lapping faster than Button in the later stage's so with only a few laps to go he knew he had to go for it. it just didn't work that time that's all.

I'd like to say. my heart would like nothing more than Button to take the world title. but my head says that it will probably be Hamilton or Masser, for the title in the end. i do have i think more reason to support Hamilton than most on this page.

unless as i have they've lived a good part of their lives here in Stevenage as i have. and also having my oldest daughter being a long time friend of Nicola and Samantha and watching Hamilton grow up would be enough. but as i've said I'd just be happy if Button or Hamilton won the title and that it didn't go to Ferrari.

well i don't know about other Lewis Hamilton fans, but i was certainly supporting him in the Australian grand prix. i do like Button but im a through and through lewis supporter.

I believe loyal true fans of Lewis will stay WITH Lewis some may switch their backing but most will stay behind him. Button cannot be compared with Hamilton he is in a different league

50/50 both drivers were at fault and both had opportunities to yield. In the end both got taken out~

i think engineer fault for mcclaren mecedes

Can the Brawn F1`s hearing fail, so hamilton gets first for australia?

I would like to find out if Hamilton can still get first place for the Australian Grand Prix? I think Brawn are cheating, but others may disagree.

The hearing is more in the lines of not respecting the "spirit of the game", not on the legality of the diffusers. So there is almost no chance that the results will be changed.

And FYI, they are not cheating. The rejection of the anti diffuser appeal makes that clear.

In a perverse manner, I too would like to see them disqualified because that means the first points for Force India. But then that is too much, Button and Ruebinho deserves their places.

IF Brawn's cars were declared illegal, then yes. the diffusers have been passed once already and personally i'd be furious if they were now classed illegal, if they were going to be banned, then they should of been on Friday practice at the very latest, if not then back in pre season testing.

Ferrari, Mclaren and Red Bull are nothing but jealous that a few teams were smarter than they were, did you see how the McLaren team were trying to look at the Brawn car on the grid? Like a load of spoiled kids.

The Honda team was stuck with crappy cars for the last couple of years and last year Honda realized they were still not going anywhere, so instead of investing in last season they planned their design for this season. I just wonder how well the car would have been with a Honda engine instead of a Mercedes engine.

yes he would be promoted to first but i don't think he would like to get it that way.

IMO the protesting teams are only peeved because they didn't think of it first!!

Even a hardened McLaren fan like me was ecstatic when Jenson came in first. what a buzz after all the uncertainty of not even knowing if he had a drive this year

Definitely yes! But if and only if FIA court rules that the diffuser of Brawn GP is illegal. Then surely Lewis Hamilton will be classified as the winner!

Hopefully not.

Button and Barrichello deserved their results.

I think Lewis will be first all season anyway! come on from 12th to 4th then after the trulli time job, he gets third ROFLMAO !

Hamilton might get first place they decied on 14 of april i think in paris

i hope not.

What kind or car should i get?

i want a car for around $2000 to fix it up and custimize it for racing, sporty kind of car like a mitsubishi eclipse

F150, they are pretty fast and they are they shizz

Not a chevy aveo5

one with 4 wheels, gas, and something under the hood

go with a fox body mustang 5.0 for that price

honda has some you might find an acura look at local places

When Did Murry walker last commentate on TV for F1?

Also who commentated the 2008 session on ITV that sounded a bit like Murry walker?

2001 US Grand Prix was the last F1 race he commentated on.

James Allen took over from Murray Walker and I see what you mean about him sounding like him. He would often talk utter crap like Murray but he lacked Murray's charm so it was more irritating than endearing!

Now you come to mention it James Allen did sound more and more like he was losing it.

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