Thursday, April 9, 2009

What happened to the endless banter on Liverpool...?

has it come to think of it...all of them managed to take it all in quite easily :) Well done Liverpool fans

Rafa ate it.

Liverpool have FANS who will stand by them win or lose.

Only GLORY HUNTERS can't handle a loss.

But GLORY HUNTERS only support 1 team and we all know who that is.

Still banter going on, we took it on the chin, done now. Onto Blackburn Rovers now.

are ye havin a laugh a few bad results and all ye talk about is how **** they are

Yeah I think we showed people were not all people claim us to be lol It won't have ended yet dr bad will be back later.

I don't think they ALL took it that well... but anyway .. it's not over (see my latest questions..) and that's the bottom line...


because Stone Cold Bad ..said so?/div>

There getting thmselves ready for the BB game

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