Thursday, April 2, 2009

What is wrong with David Ragan this year?

Last year he ended strong and everyone thought he would be a competitor including me, but he hasn't done anything at all! I have him on my fantasy and he isn't helping much! So what do you think is the problem?

I think it's 2 things: One, he doesn't run very well at the tracks on the circuit until we get to around Richmond.

Two, he's just not that good. The reason he missed the Chase last year was because he became so content with Top 20's and didn't get Top 5's and Top 10's. I don't think he'll make the Chase this year, either. Everyone in NASCAR, especially a lot of fans and all the broadcasters, are so easily impressed. Ragan doesn't impress me.

Unlike most fans, I can tell when someone will have success, at least during the time people think they will. I didn't expect Logano, Speed, Carmichael or Ragan to do well this year. Everyone else seemed to. And that comes from one thing: SPEED. SPEED broadcasters are so incredibly mushy it sickens me. They give props to drivers barely inside the Top 35. I don't care how bad the team is, you don't give a pat on the back to a 33rd place driver.

Example: David Gilliland. "David Gilliland is the cinderella story of 2009. He has taken a startup team and put it inside the Top 35 in 33rd."

WTF? 33rd? THAT's not good!

It's not just David, it's the whole Roush camp. All five teams are struggling just to finish races on the lead lap. Jamie finished 10th yesterday, and he was the best Ford out of all of them. Carl is having some problems, although his tire going down wasn't his fault, he made incidental contact with another car, Matt hasn't been right since he won Fontana, and David is just struggling. I don't know what is going on, but I hope they fix it soon. I'd really like to see Ragan around in the 6 car for many years to come, and to be a contender this year. I bet Jack is working on fining a solution right now.

In NASCAR, as with many things in life, he who has the most money wins.. Ford is going broke.. The first thing Ford does in this type of situation is to cut expenses.. Jack Roush would have to do the same.. If GM, and Dodge do the same, Toyota will be the only ones out there going fast.. Unless Roger Penske decides to use his own money (I think he already has).. Or maybe he'll just buy Toyota.. lol

Joe F, David is in his third full season I believe, so he'd be in his Junior season, I think.

Ever since Fontana the Roush-Fenway camp has had a bit of a struggle. I think they'll be back on top of their game come Texas, though.

They need to get to the 1.5 tracks and then they should rally and come back from the disappointing start.

When I mean "they", I also mean his teammates too.

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