Thursday, April 9, 2009


what do you think of the score will be in the secend leg?

have chelsea got a chance?

what did you think of the game?

chelsea 2 liverpool 1

no they dont have a chance because barcelona is going to beat them in the next round

the game was great

The score will be 2-1 Chelsea.

They got a real chance of beating Liverpool. If they do, it'll change the Champions League in England (instead of Liverpool winning against Chelsea, Chelsea will be the favorite).

After Chelsea's stellar performance at Anfield and getting 3 away goals, I think they'll win this one.

I won't rule out Pool as we all know that they have that ability to recover from difficult situations. Unfortunately I have this feeling that they will force it into a draw (4-4 agg.) and knock Chelsea out in either the extra time or penalty shoot-out. And Chelsea are not good at penalties.

Liverpool is going to step it up. im calling a 2-0 win away at the bridge for Pool. Although right now that aggregate is killin them. The boys played horribly in the 1st leg. That was not the Pool team that fans know them to be...and we will not see that same result come the second leg!

Of course chelsea have a clear chance, 3 goals away from home. Liverpool would have to win by 2 goals to at least secure extra time. That just wont happen at stamford bridge.

It'll be 1-0 Chelsea.

Barcelona will win the champions league.

I think that chelsea is going to take it easy and only allow the Liverpool to score one goal since they do have a good lead over liverpool.

2-1 to chelsea with liverpool scoring first though

although chelsea are clear favourites i have a gut feeling liverpool are just going to come out and destroy them next week. 3-0 come on you reds dont give up hope!!

1-0 liverpool

Second Leg Chelsea 2-4 Liverpool

Liverpool will pull off another Miracle

chelsea will win 2-0 (but i'll be supporting liverpool)

I think Liverpool will have a good go but won't be good enough to go through. 2-0 to Liverpool.

2-1 Chelski

chelsea to run riot 19-0 altough torres might get one so 19-1


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