Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have you ever come close to giving up on your team altogether?

Nope, we may get bad results sometimes but then you also get amazing results and these are great memories for you to look back on :)

No, because true fans support their team through thick and thin. Sure, results don't always go your way, but that's no reason to give on them, I'm sure there are many memories for you to think back upon.

No never. Have been a Liverpool fan since I was 6 yo. And the 90's weren't great! But through the good times and the bad, I'll always be a Red. YNWA...

Never , once an Evertonian always an Evertonian.

Not at all, I've been disappointed at my team but I'll stick with them through thick and thin

I agree with Cumbrian Traveller, once a blue always a blue!

never,once a gooner forever a gooner

Not at all. You go so frustrated with them but never give up on them.

absolutely not, my fave american football team is the cincinnati bengals for chrissakes!

Nope never..

I have always supported them through the bad times.


no never love um win,lose or draw :)

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