Thursday, April 9, 2009

Paul Scholes - should this be his last season?

Paul Scholes in my opinion looks just a complete shadow of the player he once was, but its understandable, its 10 years now since the 1999 treble when he was fantastic.

Nowadays he is so slow, he still can't tackle, he doesn't seem to be a goal threat any more, I have seen him have so many poor games this season, I just don't think he is good enough for a team like United any more. I think he could be good at a mid table premiership team like Bolton or Fulham still, but I don't know if he will want to do that.

Do you think he should hang his boots up at the end of the season?

He was a fantastic player in hia day, the best English player since Gazza but he is getting on now. In theory he should be able to go on as his game is in his head and not based on pace and power but he seems to have lost a bit. I think he should have one more season as a squad player and then call it quits in summer 2010.

Italian guy - Giggs is only one year older than Scholes, They are both in their mid 30s, so no, he won't have a "late 30s" resurgence.

paul scholes is a utd legend and him leaving them would be like maldini leaving milan (ie, not happening) they'll still give him another year on for sentimentality, and maybe he'll have a late-30s resurgence like giggs has right now

in my opinion, he's not that bad.

yes he has bad days like every other player does. but he still has alot to offer united.

He should have left a couple years ago. Yes, he's a great player and stuff - but he can't always be great. He's now slowly degrading

pathetic to see an old hasbeen running around in circles with average players making a fool of him.ferguson should have sold him 2 years ago.

hes getting old and needs to retire soon

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