Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can the Brawn F1`s hearing fail, so hamilton gets first for australia?

I would like to find out if Hamilton can still get first place for the Australian Grand Prix? I think Brawn are cheating, but others may disagree.

The hearing is more in the lines of not respecting the "spirit of the game", not on the legality of the diffusers. So there is almost no chance that the results will be changed.

And FYI, they are not cheating. The rejection of the anti diffuser appeal makes that clear.

In a perverse manner, I too would like to see them disqualified because that means the first points for Force India. But then that is too much, Button and Ruebinho deserves their places.

IF Brawn's cars were declared illegal, then yes. the diffusers have been passed once already and personally i'd be furious if they were now classed illegal, if they were going to be banned, then they should of been on Friday practice at the very latest, if not then back in pre season testing.

Ferrari, Mclaren and Red Bull are nothing but jealous that a few teams were smarter than they were, did you see how the McLaren team were trying to look at the Brawn car on the grid? Like a load of spoiled kids.

The Honda team was stuck with crappy cars for the last couple of years and last year Honda realized they were still not going anywhere, so instead of investing in last season they planned their design for this season. I just wonder how well the car would have been with a Honda engine instead of a Mercedes engine.

yes he would be promoted to first but i don't think he would like to get it that way.

IMO the protesting teams are only peeved because they didn't think of it first!!

Even a hardened McLaren fan like me was ecstatic when Jenson came in first. what a buzz after all the uncertainty of not even knowing if he had a drive this year

Definitely yes! But if and only if FIA court rules that the diffuser of Brawn GP is illegal. Then surely Lewis Hamilton will be classified as the winner!

Hopefully not.

Button and Barrichello deserved their results.

I think Lewis will be first all season anyway! come on from 12th to 4th then after the trulli time job, he gets third ROFLMAO !

Hamilton might get first place they decied on 14 of april i think in paris

i hope not.

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