Thursday, April 9, 2009

Im 13 nearly 14 and play soccer, im gifted but need to work on my fitness, what shall i do to become fitter?

i play centre mid, so if you could give me ideas or a regime that would be greatt :)!

Swimming is good but not very accessible.

For a CM, running is the most important part. Practice running up and down about 50 yards (about half a football pitch) and do 5 at one time.

Then take a break - maybe 1/2 minutes - drink some Lucozade... then do it again.

Key to a great CM:

1) Stamina

2) Accurate passing

3) Closing down

Go on a 1-4 mile run. Then run one mile doing 60% sprint for 30 seconds, 30 second rest. 70% for 25 seconds, 30 second rest. 80% for 20 seconds, 30/35 second rest. 90% for 20 seconds, 35/40 second rest. Finish out the mile and then cool down. Then work on your core strength doing sit ups and push ups. Do this on your off days (no practice) but leave a day or two per week for rest. (If you practice 5 times a week you might not have time to do stuff outside of practice but once).

Good luck

We used to do cross country runs and sprint work 3 times a week .Cross country gives you fitness and sprints give you speed if you can combine that it will help you some and it all depends how dedicated you are .Good luck and happy training.

its simple just

try swimming. it can help your vascular system.

or taekwondo for your muscle.




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