Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ok why is there so much bullshit with liverpool losing?

Ya i now its a very big shock for liverpool to lose against chelsea out of all teams haha. but it has to happen to all teams at sometime like look at Man u, Chelsea and Arsenal they have all lost more then 3-1 in the past and it happens to them more than ones unlike liverpool were i think this is our first lost like that in long long time, were it has happen to all the other top premiership teams every few weeks. Like i put to ye liverpool will not get a trashing like that again in 5 years or so i put money on it :)

It's trendy to have a go at liverpool fans. Pathetic people follow crowds

Firstly Man Utd loss to liverpool was the heaviest defeat we have suffered for 40 odd years and we rarely loose that heavy so saying every few weeks is wrong but then we will let u off because ur a scouse. Secondly its the champions league and u were at home so that's kind of bad. Thirdly liverpool have been dare i say it playing well recently and as soon as you were loosing 3-1 u looked crap and so it good damage you're confidence and so you play poorly in the premier league. that's why it is such a big deal.

Let me explain why. Arsenal don't claim they're the best team in the world after going through a good victory. Liverpool fans went crazy after beating Real Madrid and Man UTD saying they're the ebst team in the world and how they'll win the EPL and the Champs League. All that talk is right up your bums now after Chelsea played you around like a hooker.

it's the quarter final of the champs league and liverpool were at home. all this on top of blistering current form and a couple of weeks of scouse bragging. cfc totally owned them last night and you dont often see that.

Liverpool are a special club & like it or not, every footy fan has them in their hearts. It's not often that a team is lucky enough to beat us by 3, so good luck to blackburn for the 'revenge' match!!

Not really a big shock they losing, they are now concentrating the league title, that's why they played so badly, with champions league gone, i see them winning the league title this year.

Basically since LIverpool fans are the most annoying/deluded people in the world people love it when they get brought back down to earth.

Shock Loss???

Pure skill and determination. If your so annoyed by it, it will pass away in a few days.

your an idiot

how can you ask that when your screen name is bullshit?


It's not a shock at all. You all claimed you were the best side in Europe and everyobody "feared" you after you beat a Real Madrd side whose defence was woeful and an underperforming Utd Side. The truth of the matter is nobody fears Liverpool.

Liverpool just aren't a great side. Their position in the Ptremiership reinforces how overrated the league is.

Chelsea will win at Stamford Bridge too, they will pick Liverpool off on the counter attack as they search for a goal to get them back in the tie.


"every footy fan has them in their hearts"

More Scouse delusion.

Keep thumbs downing me Scousers.

And keep living in this fairytale land where you will score 3 goals at SB without conceding. Even if you win 3-1 you will lose in Extra Time.

Glory hunters? I'm a Rangers fan from Glasgow. Liverppool are much better than us, and I would never support them, no matter how bad we are. Where do you live? London? Fool.

Aye mate, I know that your whole country is full of glory hunting faggots, no need to remind me.

And Celtic are as big scum as Rangers, both sides are bad for bigotry, but it's your despicable country which fuels it (North and South)

"It's trendy to have a go at liverpool fans. Pathetic people follow crowds"

The only people following a crowd are your clubs fans when the media tells you that Gerrard has been the best player in the world this season.

People hate you because you're not that great, not because they're envious of anything you have. If that were true, why would people admire Barca,, a much superior side?

Please think before typing.

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