Thursday, April 2, 2009

Whats wrong with martin truex jr?

he has above average equipment at egr and also he is in a contract year

hello somebody tell him a contract year is when your supposed to do your best so you can options the following year

Truex just isn't that good of a driver. I started to say I never have understood what DEI saw in him but then I looked at some of the other drivers they've hired (Michael Waltrip, Steve Park, Aric Almirola, etc.) and suddenly Truex looks like a great driver.

I really think its the equipment at this time. Its early in the season, I see Martin and Juan Pablo getting some good finishes this yr. I think both of these guys will do better as the season goes on. But I do think Juan Pablo is going to have a better season. I think Truex Jr only has 1 yr on his contract, for sure if he doesn't get decent finishes or a win or two, I say he's gonna bail after this season.

Go Dale Jr & Hms

I believe that Martin Truex Jr. has a lack of equipment necessary to perform at the highest level he can. However, I would not say that switching to a powerhouse team like Hendrick or Roush would make him into a championship contender. Like his former teammate Dale Jr. there is an obvious lacking of a certain key element that can take both of them from fighting for top ten finishes to championship form.

I honestly think Truex is going to make the chase.

He's had bad luck at Daytona, Las Vegas, and Martinsville.

All while on the lead lap (And he recovered well at Daytona)

I think EGR needs to get the merger sorted out a little better before they can run better. I look for them to be up to speed by Dover (the first Dover). And I think they've got to shut the 8 car down. Last year Ganassi improved hugely after eliminating the 40 car. Streamlining resources can only be good for EGR.

I expect both cars to be in the top 10 at Dover all day (Almirola will be gone by then).

He needs to switch teams. I can guarantee if he was on a team like RCR or JGR he would get better finishes. Let's face it. Chip Ganassi Racing and DEI had to merge because they didn't have enough money. This is not a team he should be racing for. I don't know why you think someone's last year with a team will be his best. I mean look at recent years. Dale Jr. didn't have a good year with his last year at DEI in 2007. Casey Mears didn't do well either in his last year with Hendrick Motorsports in 2008. So what makes you think Martin Truex Jr. will have his best year this year?

I wouldn't expect anyone from DEI just to fall in and be successful at any other organization. DEI was a mess and destroyed a lot of driver's, crew chief's, and team member's self esteem and confidence. He needs another team. If RCR would pick him up he would be fine. I was wondering the same thing about 10 minutes ago until I read this question. He needs to bail now and let it be known he's available.

I have often wondered lately if he's just not that good. A lot of guys win a ton of Nationwide races then amount to nothing when they get to Cup. I don't know. I thought he'd be a force to be reckoned with. Even when he's in a stout car he just drops like a rock. Just saying.

Nothing. Other than passing a kidney stone one night and running a full race the next day. Finished well, too, if I remember right.

Hello. When I can do that, I'll tell Mr. Truex about his contractual obligations.

Let's take a look at EGR... Montoya and Truex are the two highest in points, 14th and 28th. It's the equipment, not the driver.

I've been wondering the same thing. I thought 08 was just a bad season and he'd get right back on the horse and at least threaten for the Chase. So far he's been even worse than last year.

hes not to far behind him and reed i noticed are like 20 or so points from 17 so if they both have top 5 days they could get in the top 15 easily.

GO REED SORENSON 43!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



He had some bad luck last weekend, seemed like he was a target

Agree with Ice, and maybe Truex has some ideas too...

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