Thursday, April 9, 2009

It makes me laugh, Utd fans post questions about Liverpools loss and reply with?

Well...we beat you 4-1, what a pathetic comeback, as a nuetral regarding these 2 clubs, why can't Liverpool fans take defeat without dragging up babyish answers like that?

Well done Chelsea, regardsless of what any Liverpool fans say, you out classed, outplayed and beat them comfortably on their own patch.

OQ - Was Gerrard playing?

Granted, it's not all of you :-)

Neutral? Please!! You are anti-Liverpool as they get!

Try and learn not to be so biased.

OQ.. Rose tinted glasses to strong eh? Of course he was playing because 11 men have to be on the pitch apart from if someone gets red-carded.

No. Idiot. Man United fans have being saying 3-1 is such a bad result and they are using it to cover up whats happened to them in recent games. I have accepted defeat on the night but in 2 matches its not over.


LFC Fan: Yeah and?

United Fan: We didnt lose, We are world cup champions!

LFC Fan: More reason for you to be embarrassed that LFC beat you 4-1 at your own ground then.

Yeah I know its sad isn't' it and loads of them are talking about beating Chelsea because of... HISTORY. I mean what the hell??? How can you count on what happened in the 80s as a way of winning a better side in the FUTURE? They live in the past, so they beat us, its about time isn't it? Once the beat us they thought they would get the Premiership and European Cup, they got too big for their boots and now they are suffering, a but like we did but we are getting their now. I mean Manchester City were the only team to beat us twice last year. What did they get? Nothing... I think its time they all took it that at the moment they are in trouble in all areas.

i agree

and i rather get beat by liverpool 10 nil if it meant we won the league still...

i really dont think rafa will win the champions league again with liverpool unless he buys some quality players who can get goals from all over the pitch

or at least from set plays

instead of just relying on gerrard...

and i think it could be a united v barca final or barca v arsenal final

well i couldn't watch the game but congrats chelsea anyway. i'm so sad.. ho would they lose at Anfield? were they really that bad? oh nad sorry man u fans for laughing when you lost 4-1 to us. it seems that we're in the same situation now but we still have a slight chance

@ Nnenna.. didn't she say 'BOTH' clubs..?

... and is she any more biased than EK.. or Bloosboy ..?

dR bad

she only said that (both) to appease the 'you hate liverpool crowd'..who are always accusing her too ?br>

she knows its mainly you lot really

9 out of 10 liverpool fans took the defeat it is just pathetic the responce we got for being decent and gracious in defeat we cant do right for doing right

I find it sad that both sets of fans hae to taunt one another. some of the things they say to no another on here is childish.

maybe there be more equilibrium now without those lot bragging how fantastic they are sorry were

i heard his name mentioned


yes weldone to chelsea and good luck hamburg tonight :)

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