Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do you agree with me that Lucas is a disgrace for Liverpool?

Lucas is perhaps the worst player Liverpool ever has.. He can't defense, he can't pass, he can't dribble.. in fact he can't play football..

I saw the whole game and he messed up a lot. I don't know why Rafa let him play on the field....anyway, He's Brazilian and can't even pass a on him....

Man, I'm a Chelsea fan, but you gotta say, if he can't defend, pass or dribble why would he be playing for a top team?

If he can't play football why is he playing football??

He may not be coping well at Liverpool, and would be better at another club- most likely Italian league or something.

Yeah I agree with you. I'm sure Liverpool can field a much better player than Lucas out there. Mascherano should have played even if he was tired from international duty.

The one thing that Lucas has is that he is young and that he will improve.

I never heard of him before yest. but yea I saw 2 of his kicks and they were absolutely horrible...the first one when he was trying to go for goal which probably went roof height and the 2nd one which was completely mistimed.

the first answer is just going beyond banter, why disrespect a team that has won so much.

Luca is garbage, Rafa needs to stop rotating

No but i agree Liverpool is a disgrace to football.

He is just a moron. He needs to either learn or be sold.

It's not just him, most of liverpool's squad are rubbish

Maybe not, but he can kick people.

So was it all his fault?

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