Thursday, April 2, 2009

So are all the glory hunting Hamilton Fans from last season?

Going to be hypocrites and follow Button if he starts winning all the time??

Now remember, you will be hypocrites from 2 points of view, just remember who Brawn is and how much you all "hated" Ferrari last season.

OQ - Was Kubica an all round tube or could it not have been helped?

I've never supported Hamilton and never will, British or not.

I've supported Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill, David Coulthard and Jenson Button along with Felipe Massa, Eddie Irvine and Rubens Barrichello as drivers i wanted to see do well.

Hamilton is way too cocky for me to get behind.

F1 isn't like football Linzi, it doesn't HAVE gloryhunters, it isn't that kind of sport. Are those who support Andy Murray in tennis gloryhunters? Jenson and Brawn GP deserved that victory after years of being in the doldrums with Honda and for Ross Brawn to try and salvage what was left of the team, that was reward for all his hard work.

I don't think any F1 fan expects Brawn GP or Button to suddenly win the title, but we would LIKE to see them win it.

I didn't hate Ferrari last season, or in any other season. However, I did hate the pillocks who were slagging off Hamilton, just because he had the arrogance to compete with a Ferrari driver for the title, and even had the temerity to win.

I also hated the prats who slandered Glock at the Brazilian GP.

I think you will find that there will be alot of people wanting to see Button do well this season, aswell as Hamilton, because they're British.

There is nothing hypocritical in supporting the teams and drivers from your own country. If this season pans out as a straight fight between Brawn GP and Mclaren, Button and Hamilton. I'd prefer to see Brawn and Button win, given the circumstances behind Brawn GP, that would be a fairytale.

But I certainly wouldn't begrudge it Hamilton and Mclaren either.

Button has deserved a good car that could give him a crack at the F1 title for a long time, he is the most under rated and over looked driver on the grid. Frank Williams was mad for replacing him with JP Montoya.

Yes Kubica was an all round tube, Vettel had nowhere to go and Kubica carved him up.

On past form, I think you may be onto something.

It would be ironic if his support does fade, as this may turn out to be Hamilton's best season so far as a driver if he rises to the challenge of having a poor car - decent results in this McLaren would be worth a lot more than winning in the 2007 & 2008 cars.

As to Kubica, yes it was more his fault than Vettel's, but it wasn't worth either of them getting any extra punishment for. Retiring from the race was punishment enough for a racing accident.

Favouring either JB or LH is not what I will be watching F1 for. They are 2 drivers who can consistently outperform their cars. I look forward to seeing them both at the front all season.

Tracks will be better for one or the other because they have very different driving styles, in fact almost opposites. LH attacks corners with the back often hanging out, JB seems to smoothly bend his car round corners.

You could be seeing a repeat of the Kubica/Vettel incident - but with LH and JB substituted. The K/V incident didn't look to me like anyones fault, neither of them seemed to have anywhere to go.

For me it's just a matter of one or thee other winning because their both Brits so it doesn't matter which one wins a race just as long as it's one of them winning. and seeing the Union flag flying up there at the end of a race.

As for Brawn i've never hated him why should I. he's a winning and that's always a good thing in such a sport. As for Kubica well i sure he was aware that he was lapping faster than Button in the later stage's so with only a few laps to go he knew he had to go for it. it just didn't work that time that's all.

I'd like to say. my heart would like nothing more than Button to take the world title. but my head says that it will probably be Hamilton or Masser, for the title in the end. i do have i think more reason to support Hamilton than most on this page.

unless as i have they've lived a good part of their lives here in Stevenage as i have. and also having my oldest daughter being a long time friend of Nicola and Samantha and watching Hamilton grow up would be enough. but as i've said I'd just be happy if Button or Hamilton won the title and that it didn't go to Ferrari.

well i don't know about other Lewis Hamilton fans, but i was certainly supporting him in the Australian grand prix. i do like Button but im a through and through lewis supporter.

I believe loyal true fans of Lewis will stay WITH Lewis some may switch their backing but most will stay behind him. Button cannot be compared with Hamilton he is in a different league

50/50 both drivers were at fault and both had opportunities to yield. In the end both got taken out~

i think engineer fault for mcclaren mecedes

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