Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do man utd fans make it hard not to be a

Goes round in circles to be honest with you Dan, everyone's guilty of the continuation of it all..... this is how it goes>

Man Utd fans win silverware> we gloat> you guys get p1ssed off and say we're arrogant> Utd lose or draw> you make fun> Liverpool lose or draw> we get our own back> you guys say we are annoying etc> we say we are not> we win> we celebrate> Liverpool win? you celebrate> we say we are better> you say you are better> blah blah blah blah....lmfao

I'm not an ABU, I'm an OTTIS - only the team I support. But if you're top of the pile, expect digs. I know the internet wasn't about in the eighties, but I was an army brat, so you'd get supporters of teams all over the UK, their wasn't the hatred for Liverpool or the fans that their is now for Man United - though mostly the fans. I've posted a few questions that were 'humourous' digs at Man United fans/players, 2/3rd's have ended up with me getting a violation - no sense of humour some of these, and I will say this with the required vitriolic venom, MANC fans.

They like to dish banter out, but don't like taking it Fulham, whoops, I mean full on....

As a supporter of neither team I think you've both given each other as good as you got in the last 2 days regarding Champions League results.

When it doesn't go too far, it's good banter and that's what football rivalry's all about. I've no problem with some good banter.

However I saw a couple of postings today regarding both the Hillsborough and Munich disasters, and those people should be ashamed of themselves

Some Man Utd fans even care what you think...?br>

anyway...I wish all fans were as sensible and as non-hypocritical as Sylvester...

..but then again.. you do have a LOT of young fans..?br>

dR bad

don't you remember the 41 41 41 posts going on for a week..? (funny now you guys went on forever ... although you never saw me moaning about it...

but after just 2 hours last night you lot started crying

not really, their team does.

its really much harder not to be ABL unless you were a liverpool fan from before, clearly evidenced as to how many were happier to see chelsea win yesterday than to see man utd lose 2 in a row

It seems to burn the Liverpool fans more for some reason though, we already have one ranting about everyone should get off Liverpool's back even while we still have Liverpool fans who are still going on about 4-1, almost a month...

If you support any other team than United, you are an ABU

That means there are 91 teams in England that have ABU's.

And that's just counting the English leagues!

Yeah they do, once you start to think they're alright someone comes out with some stupid comment/gloating/boasting.

I think the manutd fans are alright on here.

I'm not sure what an ABU is, but United & Liverpool fans are by far the most annoying. Moaning, whining, petty, fickle sets of arsehats. They both have great teams, good football, and they're never happy, or smugly gloating.

In summary. Arsehats.

Few things that Man U have over chelsea and Liver poo

Man u dont have cry baby Terry

Man U dont have cry baby Rafa

Man U are not in 2nd place or 3rd place :)

ha liverpool got done 3-1 last night and your still trying to slag other teams off ...

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