Thursday, April 2, 2009

If the diffuser appeal is overturned?

Does that mean that actually Lewser Hamilton wins the race?

That would be the logical conclusion of the appeal being upheld. A great way for F1 to shoot itself in the foot again.

I expect common sense to prevail and all the teams to have the Brawn/Williams/Toyota type of diffuser before mid-season, because the design isn't actually illegal.

if it is overturned, then yh Lewis would get the win but im hoping and quite strongly think that they will overturn the decision on penalising Trulli. this is cos theres now footage on youtube that Lewis overtook Trulli during the safety car first and so Trulli had the right to retake his position.

but im also hoping that these diffusers are deemed legal otherwise three teems (Williams, Brawn GP and Toyota) are gonna be nowhere, not to mention Toyota will probly quit F1 this year if they do not get a win.

How could you contemplate such a thing.

The diffuser is said to be legal so I don't know on what basis they will think of to disallow it.

Something tells me (after ther Trulli, Hamilton, Vettal and Kubica episodes) that the stewards et all are going to be real 'jobsworths' 'sticklers this season.

errr...yeah...most probably yes...hope that doesn't happen...though he drove good...I dnt knw why but my conscience says not to support him...

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