Wednesday, July 21, 2010

How do build enough confidence to actually shoot the ball or drive?

i shoot but only when wide open drive when i see a lane but thats it
Get a coach or good player to show you a set of triple threat moves. Be sure to get low (knees bent, hips low) in order to do the moves quickly enough to get by a defender. Also, make sure your shooting form is correct. You cannot be a confident shooter without proper form.
Have someone stand in front of you with their hands up and practice shooting the ball. This will help you get confidence to shoot over people. When driving you need to have the mind frame to just take it hard to the hole. Most likely if you do that u will draw a foul. Its mental just go at it.
Drive hard into a couple guys and if they go down that should build your confidence.
take chances, that the only way youll get better, you cant be scared all of your life.
just go and shoot like no one is there
use ball fakes and change your speeds
more practice

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