Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What do you think of the new Hearts strip?

What I mean is breaking with tradition and not being their usual basic maroon shirt with white shorts? Apparently their fans are up in arms about it.

How would you feel about your team changing their traditional style?
if it was celtic? i wouldnt mind them trying something different with the away or 3rd kit but in my opinion the home kit should remain the same. i can see why some jambos are up in arms about it. when you think of hearts u instantly think of the all maroon top lol
i like the home kit

away one doesnt shout hearts at me though

looks like a killie top
Hearts supporters moan about everything but they are a bit like monkeys throw them a banana and they are happy again last season they started to get upset with Romanov so he sacked laz brought back the saviour Jim Jeffries leaving the hearts fans jumping with joy they got their banana but didn

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